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Thankful Thursday…I am the Sin of Grave Covetousness


1.  Today I am thankful that my pain is subsiding.

2.  Today I am thankful that I have a good man who deals with my pain in a supporting, loving manner.

3.  Today I am thankful that my chidlren are doing well.

4.  Today I am thankful for the warmth of the summer.

5.  Today I am thankful that my fever is subsiding.


Spiritual Riddle

I am the sin of grave covetousness

Bound to mine own self righteousness

Neglecting inner consciousness…

for all my mind craves to possess

I’m the root of imbalance in the land

As visioned pleasures I expand

Amid the poor and weakened man

To whom I dare not lend a hand…

Convincing self in false delight

that I deserve all in my plight…

What I consume is mine own right…

as daytime surely follows night…

The sad thing is I’m never filled,

as nothing ever quite fulfills

the hollow heart that slowly kills

my soul by short lived external thrills…

Hoarding  more than I  need

can’t quench the thirst of  internal needs

with a starving soul and a heart that bleeds…

and decayed root bearing no fruit nor seed…

because one foolishly concedes 

to me,  (Who Am I – Click Below for Riddle Answer)

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In the Course of One’s Lifetime

Eternal Solitude I, ~CordieB

Eternal Solitude I, ~CordieB

In the course of one’s lifetime

what will one learn?

will one learn of hatred?

what bridges will one burn?


In the course of one’s lifetime

in the blink of an eye

will one find the answers

to the who, what and why?


In the course of one’s lifetime

what will one sing?

will one sing a love song?

what gifts will one bring?


In the course of one’s lifetime

what crafts will one master?

what gods will one serve…

in the mists of disaster?


In the course of one’s lifetime

What will one fulfill

Will one’s cup flow over

what bridges will one build?


In the course of one’s lifetime

What heights will one climb?

How far  will one fall?

In the depths of sublime?


In the course of a lifetime

what will one foresee

when one takes his last breath…

what will one’s thoughts be?



Opening lines from Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram:

“It took me a long time and most of the world to learn what I know about love and fate and the choices we make, but the heart of it came to me in an instant, while I was chained to a wall and being tortured. I realized, somehow, through the screaming in my mind, that even in that shackled, bloody helplessness, I was still free: free to hate the men who were torturing me, or to forgive them. It doesn’t sound like much, I know. But in the flinch and bite of the chain, when its all you have got, that freedom is a universe of possibility. And the choice you make, between hating and forgiving,can become the story of your life.”

Quote for the Day:  You can be so heavenly bound until you are no earthly good – Dr. Oscar Lane

“In the Course of One’s Life Time ” inspired by  Simply Snicker’s Poetry Prompt.  This weeks words were, climb, course, and craft.  Let us keep Linda and the Midwest, USA, in our prayers, as she and her community have endured natural disasters due to flooding this week.

Walking In Sunshine, Through the Rain

Into each life some rain must fall…

yet the sun’s out there throughout it all…

though shadowed by dismal clouds of rain,

the sun abides; it still remains.

So often in our minds, we can not feel

what we don’t see; though it is real…

So often we fail to recognize the fact

that through the storm, the sun remains in tact;

Her energy works with the storms of life,

to nurture our souls; withstand the strife…

to help us grow in God’s domain…

to make us strong, endure the pain.

Like when a newborn babe first breaks the womb;

Emerginging into light, quickly she blooms…

Into an independent being, from love begotten…

Thus, pain of passage is soon forgotten!

So when the rains falls heavily upon my face,

I embrace God’s nurturing, cleansing grace;

I see his love peaking through the clouds;

I feel her essense as rain enshrouds;

I embrace his power; when lightning strikes…

when thunder roars through darkened nights;

I hold my own, I understand…

It’s all part of an intricate, master plan-

I know the sun is still out there…

She’s got my back, she’s most aware! everywhere!

And when the morning comes to view…

She carresses my being; life’s anewed.

Like nature freshened by morning’s dew.

~Written especially for you!  By CordieB

Another Spirital Riddle ~By CordieB

Photo courtesy of COCOMARIPOSA   and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Like a thief at night, I entered your heart

I sampled your thoughts and broke them apart

I pulled up a veil to cover your joy

I enlisted The Negative Army to aid and employ

More negative intities to arrest your light

And make all days seem dark, although they are bright

My army of entities brought blind folds and rope

To bind all your joy and blind all your hope

Because you are not smart as you thought you were

You forgot your reality, thus I became your connoisseur

I simply awaited for that dark dismal, yet really bright day

When life was fine; thus you forgot to be thankful and pray

When all of a sudden in your mist of content

I snuck into your mind, Oh! not by sheer accident

For my purpose was to vanquish all optomist from your mind

To leave you deserted, lost, humbled and blind

What seemed happy and wonderful now seems so bleak

What you craved on yesterday, you don’t even seek

You can not foresee another sunshine tomorrow

For your forcast is shadowed by self sadness and sorrow

But if you really look at the blessings bestowed upon life

You would vanish me quickly; dismiss the false strife

Realize the reality of beauty and light

Know that nothing is more important than the love for your life

But the repetitive thoughts, and high walls of oppression

Sustain only a dismal past and no future possession.

Of the happines and love you once grasped so well

By the absense of love; this is your earthly hell

And melancholic thoughts and memories have become an obsession

You ask who am I to be so evil? I am the deadly spirit of Depression.

~By CordieB.


The phenominal art displayed at the top of this post was created by a very talented artist, COCOMARIPOSA    and is titled, “The Five Stages of Grief (Depression #4)”    The series is very creative; I suggest you visit. 

Symtoms of Depression are:

  • persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood;
  • feelings of hopelessness and pessimism;
  • feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness;
  • loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex;
  • decreased energy and fatigue;
  • nervousness or sluggishness;
  • difficulty concentrating, remembering, and making decisions;
  • insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping;
  • appetite and/or weight loss, or overeating and weight gain;
  • thoughts of death or suicide;
  • suicide attempts;
  • restlessness and irritability; and
  • persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pain.
  • If you or a love one is experiencing symtoms of depression, I strongly suggest that you seek medical attention because usually by the time we realize our depressed state, we are in need of at least a temporary boost to get our brain chemicals back on track.  If you believe you can handle this yourself, please try to talk to someone and of course embrace your spiritual self. 

    I have found spirituality to be a profound cure for depression; however, spirituality is a personal choice – and in states of depression, normally we are incapable of allowing the light to shine without help.  But once back on track; I have found spirituality, as in embracing love, to be the best preventive measure known.  The following are a few web sites that you may want to visit if you feel you are experiencing grief or depression:




    The Perpetrator and the Victim

    I read the following statement this week – It’s a very controversial and sensitive subject.  What are your views on this ?. . . .

    “It is very tempting to take the side of the perpetrator. All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing. He appeals to the universal desire to see, to hear, and to speak no evil. The victim, on the contrary, asks the bystander to share the burden of pain. The victim demands action, engagement, and remembering.”—Judy Herman

    A Spiritual Riddle – The Darkest Shadow -By CordieB

    Photo courtesy of Jill Greeseth , and is licenced under the Creative Commons

    I am the tallest, darkest shadow to fall upon the hearts of men;
    I have caused enormous calamity, failure and sin;
    With me in a heart, humans seldom ever win.

    Such a cold, dark, shallow shadow am I;
    I bring on fears and tears, causing humans to sigh, asking why?

    I’ve destroyed countless relationships, successes and faith;
    I’m quite subtle, yet very strong is my wrath;
    All minds and hearts will inevitably at times see me in their path.

    All humans encounter me, some more than another;
    You see, insecurity is my sister and worry is my brother;
    My father is fear; suspicion, my mother.
    I embrace souls at night like a new found lover. 
    If you are not carefull, I will suffocate you under my dark, thick cover.

    Like a blanket of dread, I cover my prey;
    To release yourself of my wrath, you must kneel down and pray;
    Stay thankful and hopeful, live day by day.  

    I’ve had many second-guessing what’s wrong from right.
    I cause anxiousness, apprehensiveness,
    and can make hearts uptight;
    But my shadow is very easily overcome by the family of light . . .

    For the bright light of hope, faith, and love shine so bright
    And they bring courage, security and trust to join in the fight;
    Such illuminosity, clarity, and brilliance is their light,
    It will cause my dark, deep shadow to fade and disappear straight into the night!

    Who am I?      (click below for answer)
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    A Spiritual Riddle – I Sometimes Guide you on your Journey . . .



    I’ve guided multitudes of earthly beings through many dark nights

    I’ve been a beacon of hope for many a man lost in his flight

    Although I’m quite illuminous, I have absolutely no light energy alone . . .

    I’m blessed by the light of my brethren to co-create life from cold stone

    As long as my universal family shines, then I shall shine too . . .

    And I, in-turn, humbly reflect that ambiance of light unto you.

    So I can aide you in finding your way from the lost journey afar

    And  thus, you might illuminate another who may not know whom or where they are.

    Like many, I sometimes have dreary days and nights when I feel so alone,

    When I’m blocked from my light source by dark storm clouds of energy unknown.

    I realise it’s all an illusion, for my light soure remains true, bright and clear

    But when you’re lost in dark pastures, tis hard to let go the false fear.

    So in today’s midnight, I remind you even a blind man can see the light bright,

    For they are not blinded by false perceptions of absense of love’s light.

    You see, the blind see beauty in realness . . . and truth without lies . . .

    They don’t look for false answers in the suns, moons or skies . . .

    They feel warmth in kindness, compassion and love . . .

    In darkness, they are guided by inner awareness, not from detachments thereof;

    They love, hate or feel indifference to us for ourselves in the mist of life’s rugged race . . .

    They most brilliantly  see the love in our hearts–in spite of our physical face!

    Visionless, they see the hatred in our hearts, in spite of physical beauty

    Like a blind child or man, we should all stress to make it our duty . . .

    To look into the true hearts of children, women, and men . . .

    See all people as they really are, not pre-judge by their hair, face or skin.

    But you needn’t close your eyes to see the light . . .

    You can have 20/20 vision and still use your insight . . .

    If you’ve accepted and embraced the blessing of inner vision and true clarity

    Then you understand, I once was lost but now I’m found; was blind but now I see.

    But alas, I will guide you in your journey, it won’t be too late or too soon . . .

    I’m a luminous guide in life’s dark forrest, I am simply . . . . (click below for answer)

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