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Friday Flash Friday 55 – Beliefs ~CordieB.



The following poem is submitted for the fabulous Friday 55, hosted by none other than the G-Man, AKA, Mr. Know it All.  I’m about an hour late on my submission, but I hope someone still finds it beneficial on any day of the week.  🙂  Here ’tis…

©2004-2009 *tigsie17

©2004-2009 *tigsie17





Our life is a mirror reflecting our beliefs

Whether laced with joy or riddled with grief

We can only see what we believe real

What we don’t believe can’t be revealed

Change your belief system and you will see

Changed beliefs manifest into reality

Remove the false veil of impossibilities

Infuse your imagination into actualities


~Written by Cordieb.


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Looking in the Mirror

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Life’s Purpose

King of Pumpkins --CordieB

King of Pumpkins --CordieB

As I visited my fellow bloggers this morning. . . most of whom have a spiritual connection in some manner; if not spiritual, most of those I encounter are in search of something  . . . . I suppose, because I am such, I migrate to such.  But, I realize that there are those who live each day and never, ever question such unanwerable puzzles as “What is the Purpose of Life.”

Children go from day to day, creating, imagining, loving and playing. . . yet they never question such deep, mind twisting questions.  Although very inquisitive, children never question such nonscense.  I would imagine my grandchild’s eye brows would rise should I asked him such a question.   He would most likely say – “you’re playing nana, ha ha” and continue building a lego ville to touch the ceiling.

So, today I question myself.  Why must I find purpose.  Is there really a Purpose for life.

Have you ever given a gift to someone just because you wanted them to have it . . . no strings attached.  . .

If you have, then you know that once you give the gift, you don’t really care what they do with it. . . it is given with love for them to do whatever they choose to do with it. There is no need for thank you’s; no need to take care of it . . . just something you chose to give, just because you wanted that person to have it.

Perhaps life is just that. . . a wonderful gift from our creator to do just what we want to do with it. . . no strings attached.

Peace, Light and Love. . .


I Open My Heart and Mind to Be Aware . . .If I Walk in the Footsteps of the Master, I will Master My True Self


Jesus the Christ had a goal; to serve God.  On that goal he remained focused.  he had a purpose: to teach love.  On that purpose he remained focused.  He ad a mission: to demonstrate to people how to lovingly serve each otehr while serving God.  To that mission alone, he gave all of his energy.  In his own words, he revealed the power of having a purpose when he said, “But for this purpose was I born.”  In essense, Jesus was saying to us, when your life is for a purpose, you will rise above all difficulties.

Focus on the goal.  Focus on the purpose.  Focus on accomplishing the goal.  Each day hundreds of thousands of peopel get out of ed with no goal.  Going to work is not a goal! It is an activity!  paying bills is not a purpose!  It is an activity!  providing for a family is not a mission!  It is an activity! 

Your goal is the what of your life.  The goal is not the place you begin.  It is the place you end up!  Your purpose is the why of your life–why you as an individual are moving toward the goal, the end.  Your mission is the how of your life.  Once you are clear about the what, the why and the how, you have the focus.  You have something to live for that moves you into, through and out of the activities of your life.

We were each born for some purpose.  Jesus was clear.  He was focused.  He mastered his mind and his life with focus.  He was kind enough to leave us instructions on how to do what he did.  He said, “Follow me!  For the things I have done, greater things that the Master teacher left you instructions.  you may not have realized he said do as I have done.  Stay focused!  Just for today, shift your attention from the activities of your daily life and discover your goal, your purpose, and your missin. 

Today I am devoted to following the footsteps of the Master teacher! (Inyanla Vanzant)

Is the Human Race Inherently Good, or Inherently Evil?

Answer: This is the crossroads to which you have come. The future of the human race depends on which way you go.
If you and your society believe you are inherently good, you will make decisions and laws that are life affirming and constructive. If you and your society believe that you are inherently evil, you will make decisions and laws that are life denying and destructive.
Laws that are life affirming are laws that allow you to be, do and have what you wish. Laws that are life denying are laws that stop you from being, doing, and having what you wish.
Those who believe in Original Sin, and that the inherent nature of man is evil, claim that God has created laws which stop you from doing as you wish – and promote human laws (an endless number of them) that seek to do the same.
Those who believe in Original Blessing, and that the inherent nature of man is good, proclaim that God has created natural laws which allow you to do as you wish – and promote human laws that seek to do the same.
What is your viewpoint of the human race? What is your viewpoint of your Self? Left entirely to your own devices, do you see yourself as being able to be trusted? In everything? How about others? How do you view them? Until they reveal themselves to you, one way or the other, what is your basic assumption?
Now answer this. Do your assumptions further your society in breaking down, or breaking through?

From Conversations with God, Book 3.   Neal Donald Walsh