Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Soul of a Woman

How can I describe the soul of a woman?

What words can I say?

How shall I define it?

And in what way?

Have you ever felt warm Sunshine against your face?

Ever felt the Texture of raw silk and French lace?

EverSeen the sun set on an ocean blue,

ever seen a rainbow colored in every hue?

The soul of a woman.

Ever smelt fresh cut flowers in the early morn,

ever seen a glow when a baby’s born?

Can you picture God smiling while he created Eve

ever thought that’s a woman’s love the world would need?

The soul of a woman.

Ever seen the sun rise on dew covered grass,

seen candy kiss’s against frosted glass?

Have you ever seen the moon glow on a flowing river,

seen the radiance of motherhood, a life giver?

The soul of a woman.

Ever felt hands as soft as cotton,

ever smelled honeysuckle in the summer after it has blossomed?

Ever felt rain drops against your eyelids,

Ever seen a woman be gentle with her kids?

The Soul of a woman.

Have you ever heard God clap at his wondrous creation?

Seen soft petals on a pink carnation?

Ever seen moonbeams smile, or heard the sweet laughter of a child?

Ever seen real diamonds shine,

or a heart as true and kind?

The soul of a woman.

Ever seen an angel walk or beauty talk,

have You ever seen a tulip cry?

 And eyes so Shy? 

Skin as soft as butter,

Butterflies As they flutter?

And God created the Soul of a woman.


  psychscribe wrote @

Love this, just love it. Favorite images:
have You ever seen a tulip cry
…..and ever felt raindrops against your eyelids…
what a beautiful reading to start my day, and feed the soul of this woman.

  benafia wrote @

Very well said.

I like the way womanhood is enshrined in wonderful soulful things of Life. As it should be.

  cordieb wrote @

Thanks Benafia. I did not write this poem; it was written by INDIGOKISS. I found this to be very beautiful too, so much so I had to share it!

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