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The Spirit of Forgiveness in Relationships

 The Spirit of Forgiveness in Relationships.  The spirit of forgiveness is harnessed within the spirit of love and compassion–the love characteristic in how we are taught that God loves us; the love for which most of us love our children, our family, and even our friends.  I’m not speaking of ego-based love, which is usually associated with being “in love,” or “passionate love.”   I’m speaking of the unconditional love we usually reserve for those who we put beyond our egos.  If we can find it in our heart to delve for this compassionate loving spirit for all those we love, especially those we are “in love with,” we will find it impossible not to forgive our beloved when we perceive they have hurt us.
Let us drop the stones of revenge and try a new approach... forgiveness - by Anit@_M

Let us drop the stones of revenge and try a new approach... forgiveness - by Anit@_M

 Now just because we forgive someone does not mean that we should allow anyone to continually hurt us. It means that we release them from the anger, resentment, and bitterness usually associated with an unforgiving spirit. It means that we love them, in spite of….. We love them whether they are in our lives or out of our lives…just like the father loves the prodigal son.  In order to conjure the spirit of forgiveness, we must first conjure the spirit of godly love and compassion. The spirit of godly love (agape) “compassionate love” will get us much further in our relationships than the spirit of being in love (eros) “passionate love.” You see in the spirit of eros love, with it’s swirling emotions and drama, we don’t actually actively love our beloved; rather, we find a desperate emotional need for our beloved to love us.  Although, the spirit of eros in a relationship is important, as it makes the relationship, exciting and exhilarating, these feelings ALWAYS dissipate unless they are accompanied by the spirit of agape love.

So if there is something that you feel unforgiving about your beloved today, try to summon the spirit of agape love and harness compassion, not only for your beloved, but also for yourself.    This is the spirit that 50-year old anniversaries are based upon!  You might be surprised how much better you will feel about your beloved, but even more so, about yourself!

Quote for the Day:   "There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” – Bryant H. McGill –

Later this week, I will give some ideas on harnessing the spirit of agape love….and I appreciate any input or comments you may have.  Until then…

Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.


  Molly wrote @

So lovely and so true. Thank you for posting such lovely words on this topic.

  paisley wrote @

iam enjoying the fruits of forgiveness in having the opportunity to be reunited with (via facebook) my ex and maybe as a result my children.. i am keeping my fingers crossed…….

  cordieb wrote @

@Paisley. Paisley, I’m so glad you and your ex are forgiving each other and communicating. You really are growing, from a scared little girl…and I see you blossoming right before my eyes. Wow! It might be a hard process, but in the end, I’m confident you will develop a relationship with your children. Remember to love yourself through all of life…Hang in there, sis. PLL, C.

  cordieb wrote @

@Molly. Thank YOU…. for the continued inspiration to write! PLL, C.

  tobeme wrote @

Forgiveness is the turn key to our happiness and to being our authentic self. When we forgive ourselves and others we open ourselves up to the energy of the universe.

  tobeme wrote @

BTW – great quote, thanks for sharing.

  aliceaudrey wrote @

Then do agape and eros work together?

  cordieb wrote @

@Aliceaudrey. I believe that agape works with any thing, including eros. But when eros meets agape, you’ve really got something there! 🙂 PLL, C.

@Tobeme. So true, Mark. But forgiveness very hard for many people…any ideas for those hard, unforgiving souls? PLL, C.

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

yes Cordie.

how often do we find when it is hard to “forgive” someone else, the stumbling block is in essence ourselves?

  Mental Mist wrote @

Very true Cordie, the world needs more tolerance and less judgement, judgement has really become an uncomfortably constant part of us these days, hard to relinquish!

i think forgiveness is also most important for our own sake, to let go our pain and heal …

  Gee wrote @

Thanks knowledge has been gained form the post. Thank you again.

  benafia wrote @

Thanks for this fine post.

Forgiveness can seem as if I am required to surrender to a wrong, just to make something right again. What I notice in forgiveness is that I am made new; new possibilities open up. Things are not just the way they were before.

Forgiveness does not cover over an experience of wrong, it can erase it, leaving the one doing the forgiving realizing that they are who is being forgiven for judging! Oddly(?) one is left with a greater awareness of Being than before the wrong was determined a “truth” as at least being an emotional fact.

Meet ones higher self and connection to The Divine. Forgiveness is actually one pathway to freedom; I can change what I have assumed was solid history. And that brings with it the power to serve God or Life in my own purpose for being.

  cordieb wrote @

@Benafia. . . “Forgiveness is actually one pathway to freedom; I can change what I have assumed was solid history. And that brings with it the power to serve God or Life in my own purpose for being.” So enlightening, and so true. Thanks for that!!!

  Hindi Man wrote @

I still wonder about the good old days.! They were much simpler.:P

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