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Moonwalk Tribute to Michael Jackson

Save this picture to your desktop and repost it as a deviation, blog post, or send it to other’s email addresses and copy and paste the following instructions with it.


Instructions: Try moonwalking at night time. Tonight, tomorrow night, on carpet on tile or linoleum, it doesn’t matter. Just do it in memory for this man who brought us good music and brought the world together through song. If you don’t know how to moonwalk here’s a video on it “How to Moonwalk Like Michale Jackson”

And that’s it.

Rest in Peace Michael. You will definitely be missed:       hug:


  tumel wrote @

I found myself doing this the other day 🙂 when thinking of him. I wish him peace.

  tobeme wrote @

This is great, thanks for sharing. Never could get the moonwalk quite down.

  Molly wrote @

Thanks for this. Tonight I moonwalk for Michael, too. And I can do some moonwalk….

Here’s to a master…

  Duma Key wrote @

So much is now lost with his passing, its a shame and I can only hope that the happiness he sought finds him now!

  RIPMichaelJackson wrote @

The world was recently saddened by the sudden loss of pop icon Michael Jackson. In memoriam of this legendary and one-of-a-kind performer, Ztarlet Star Registry has dedicated an actual star in his memory – as a symbol of the bright light that Jackson brought to the music industry and his millions of loyal fans across the globe.


Digg this!

  Grace wrote @

I’m not sure I can moonwalk. Can I just wear a glove and do the crotch grab instead? At least I know I wont fall down that way! LOL 😉

Ah, Michael. We’ll miss you so much. I’m just sorry that the world was such a hard place for your spirit to dwell in….

  gypsy-heart wrote @

I think Michael J. was too gentle for this world…too evolved he was. Some souls are beyond this time and place, and I believe he was such.

I wish I could do the moonwalk. I’m with Grace…glove and crotch, it is!

Energies of light to you, dear CordieB

  cordieb wrote @

@Tumel. You go!!! 🙂

@Tobeme. Perhaps you should follow Grace and Gypsy’s advice. 🙂

@Molly. You go Girlfriend! I’d love to see the video. 🙂

@Dumakey. I’m positive his gentle spirit is finally free. hugs… 🙂

@Grace. LoL. You bring joy to every thing. You and Gypsy should make a collaborative video on the hand/crotch dance. 🙂 Thanks for the laughter. 🙂

@Gypsy. I agree, he was too gentle for this world. I’d love to see you on youtube doing the glove to crotch thingy. 🙂

  Char Pug wrote @

MoonwalkRegistry.com is for sale. If interested, please email me.

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