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The Sparrow

Photo Courtesy of subhasish


The Sparrow

A little bird, with plumage brown,

Beside my window flutters down,

A moment chirps its little strain,

Then taps upon my window-pane,

And chirps again, and hops along,

To call my notice to its song;

But I work on, nor heed its lay,

Till, in neglect, it flies away.


So birds of peace and hope and love

Come fluttering earthward from above,

To settle on life’s window-sills,

And ease our load of earthly ills;


But we, in traffic’s rush and din

Too deep engaged to let them in,

With deadened heart and sense plod on,

Nor know our loss till they are gone.


~Written by Paul Laurence Dunbar, African American Poet, (1872-1906)

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  CC wrote @

I am sooo glad I have found this web site… thank u 4 putting that poem out there! What a wonderful discovery 4 me.

I relate & I loved it!

Thanks 4 posting. LOVE THE pic that was chosen 4 its illustration also!

My best!

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