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Mine Own Worst Enemy; Mine Own Best Friend

Repost for myself; as mine own worst enemy seems to be creeping in more often, here lately……  Do you battle with your own worst enemy too?  If so, remember your best friend is always there to comfort you.

Thought for The Day:  Have you hugged yourself, today? ~CordieB

This poem was inspired by a very, very good friend and confidant, who often shares with us her own worst enemy and her own best friend over at Just Paisley and Why Paisley .    Also, a fellow artist, TekkieBrek, planted the seed for this poem with his beautiful artwork, shown in reduced size below.

Always by Your Side by TekkieBrek

Always by Your Side by TekkieBrek

Mine own worst enemy and mine own best friend…
an infinate circle of sainthood and sin…
have always been with me; from beginning to end
through good times; through bad times; thick and thin
Both have tugged at my soul since God only knows when. . .

Mine  own worst enemy screams words of hurt and dispair…
then my best friend comes to my aide with comfort and care
she hugs me ever so gently; caresses my soul
whilst mine own worst enemy digs a dark hole
into the core of my  heart creating disbelief
in the beauty of life; thus making it hard to concieve…

a life worth living; a love worth giving…
then mine own best friend again comes along
she kisses my spirit; sings me a beautiful song
of love and joy; bright sunny skies
she reminds me of the falsness of the hurt, pain and lies…
that mine own worst enemy so often spews…
she opens the funny pages in the mist of bad news…

Yes, she awakens my spirit and rocks me to sleep
as I moan, as I tremble, as I lay, as I weep…
She caresses my head; massages my tired, aching feet
Sending mine own worst enemy into a silent retreat. . .
where mine own worst enemy gathers strength for another blow
launching me once more into a wreckless, dispairing low
Yet, I endure with patient vigilence for the love within
to give renewed strength, courage and wisdom to mine own best friend . . .

~Written by CordieB.


  Dan wrote @

Well done, Cordie. This is what creativity is about, words inspired by and deserving of such a fine piece of art!

  paisley wrote @

coedie,, y ou always get right to the heart of the matter… i believe a large portion of my problem is that i have been sleeping with my own best enemy so long,, i have begun to believe she is me…….

i have a huge follow up post on all of this for tomorrow,, but i haven’t the strength to write about it right now…….

love you girl……

  neilina wrote @

I am really lucky to land here. This post is just beyond words…..each word is just amazing. Very nice post. Loved it.

  LIara Covert wrote @

Everything is a choice. You can realize you are your own best friend and have the potential to be your own worst enemy. As you choose what makes you feel good, you choose the friend angle. Love your reflections here! Great to connect with you. What a kindred spirit!

  cordieb wrote @

@Liara Covert. Exactly!

  Benafia wrote @

Thanks for this poem.

I always appreciate the wise endings of the inner conundrum, over the bottomless pitted ones of newfound missing endurance.

It is good to know that even when the wise one seems to have left the building, friends will often come to remind us. At least on our blogs.

Curious, that at times I might require empathy and compassion; for myself. For my own conceptual aid, I’ve called that the “pivot point of perception”, a way to turn my own identity from lack to fullness in what can amount to an instant. For our continued lifelong education, identity pivots back the other way as well whenever I judge the weight differently.

All much better said in your poem.

  cordieb wrote @

@Benifia. I’ve found that I am mine own worst enemy and mine own best friend! It’s what I tell myself and interpret my world that brings forth these ups and downs. Have you hugged yourself today? 🙂 If not, here’s a hugfrom me to you this morning to get you started. 🙂

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Your words are haunting and so true……….. thank goodness for the blessed presence of the best friend to take the sting of the worst enemy. To me, our best friend represents our hope that is never fading; our own worst enemy looks different to all of us, but as we realize our own courage are we able to defeat it for good. Love you, Cordie B. Sorry to be away so long……

  tobeme wrote @

Great poem, you are masterful with your words. Too me, my worst enemy is my ego, my best friend is my spirit which is my true self. Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  Tabitha@ichoosebliss wrote @

The artwork is simply breathtaking and the poem was awe inspiring. It is an honor to meet you Cordie! I love your blog as well and look forward to visiting often!

  Mental Mist wrote @

loved it, am tempted to swear for effect… absolutely awesome, as is the painting!!

  cordieb wrote @

@Vanessa. I’m delighted that you visited today. Yes, our own worst enemy can mean so many things…however most times it is derived from fear…and thanks to your most recent post, I’m empowered to defeat fear at all angles. Blessings sis! PLL, C.

@Tabitha. Welcome Tabitha! Thanks – I’m delighted and honored you found my blog inspiring. I too look forward to visiting you often, kindred sis! Peace, Light and Love, C.

@Tobeme. I agree…the ego brings forth much misery. When we live in the spirit, we experience abundance of love – our best friend, indeed. PLL, C.

@MM. Thanks, MM. BTW, feel free to swear on my blog! PLL, C.

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