Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Walking In Sunshine, Through the Rain

Into each life some rain must fall…

yet the sun’s out there throughout it all…

though shadowed by dismal clouds of rain,

the sun abides; it still remains.

So often in our minds, we can not feel

what we don’t see; though it is real…

So often we fail to recognize the fact

that through the storm, the sun remains in tact;

Her energy works with the storms of life,

to nurture our souls; withstand the strife…

to help us grow in God’s domain…

to make us strong, endure the pain.

Like when a newborn babe first breaks the womb;

Emerginging into light, quickly she blooms…

Into an independent being, from love begotten…

Thus, pain of passage is soon forgotten!

So when the rains falls heavily upon my face,

I embrace God’s nurturing, cleansing grace;

I see his love peaking through the clouds;

I feel her essense as rain enshrouds;

I embrace his power; when lightning strikes…

when thunder roars through darkened nights;

I hold my own, I understand…

It’s all part of an intricate, master plan-

I know the sun is still out there…

She’s got my back, she’s most aware! everywhere!

And when the morning comes to view…

She carresses my being; life’s anewed.

Like nature freshened by morning’s dew.

~Written especially for you!  By CordieB


  enreal wrote @

This is a beautiful reminder… how often does the rain make us forget the sun… the pain makes us forget happiness… yet the sun is always there… forever in place waiting patiently…

you my dear are an angel of mercy… thank you for the reminder… as I read thee words I nodded my head at each line… reading these worlds aloud I was reminded… thank you for my affirmation…

  cordieb wrote @

Oh thank you enreal for your most kind and inspiring words. You are my angel too, as you may know. My Angel, Enreal. PLL, CordieB.

  Amber wrote @

Cordie… your poetry really gets me every time. I don’t know how, it just touches my soul. Normally I hate poetry. But yours….. has so much truth.

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for opening my heart, mind and soul.

Your sunshine is coming… keep the faith.

  SanityFound wrote @

Huns this is so truthful and beautiful I have reread it 5 times and about to start on my 6th time… am not kidding either

Am sending you hugs and love all the way from afreaka – oooo btw you must check out AA’s blog and the spoof he did on Amber it will make you roll around laffing!

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

How true. Perfect words for Sunday morning.

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

it is indeed HIS DOMAIN

[…] through the Johari Window into The night sky things can come flooding back.  One tends to remember Walking In Sunshine, Through the Rain, picking Flower’s along The Yellow Brick Road you tend to slowly gain back your self-esteem […]

  cordieb wrote @

@Amber. Thanks so much for your most kind words. I’m so happy that you like my poetry; It feels great to know that I can sometimes break the barriers of the “Proper Lady” lol. I’m keeping the faith girlfriend. Friends like you make it even more easier to do so! PLL, CordieB.

@Thanks SF. I’m glad you like it. 6 times huh? I’ll have to get you to recite it for the school play – I’m sure you’ve memorized it already! I checked out AA’s blog and got the biggest laugh of the week. In fact I still chuckle when I think about it! lol PLL, Cordieb.

@ SE. Thanks SE. I’m feeling rather sunday morningish here lately. Kind of laid back if you know what I mean. PLL, CordieB.

@RawDawg. “it is indeed HIS DOMAIN” Are you emphasizing the word HIS, or emphasizing that it’s God’s domain? If god were a female, we’d say Goddest, correct? (Just kidding ) lol

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