Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Spirtual Riddle – A Very Strong Force Am I

I am one of the strongest forces known to man.

I can cause you to wake up early every morning, although you have no place to go;

I can cause you to consistently be late for work, your dates, appointments, meetings and very important events;

I am so strong that going against my will may cause you to feel disconnected, aloof, and oftentimes confused and dazed.

I am so powerful that I often cause you to eat when you are not hungry and drink when you are not thirsty.

So powerful is my force, I am why you may call mom, dad, or your best friend each Sunday afternoon, faithfully.

If you want to use me for your good, try mastering me for 28 days.  I might prove to be just what you need, indeed.

 Who am I?

I am the Force of Habit.
By:  CordieB

Quote for the Day – In order to see a different results – one must practice different habits.  ~CordieB.


  persistentillusion wrote @

“I am so powerful that I often cause you to eat when you are not hungry and drink when you are not thirsty.”

Um. Crap.

That is divine order aimed right at me.

  spirtual wrote @

[…] Spirtual Riddle – A Very Strong Force Am I […]

  Sue Ann Edwards wrote @

Our habits can never be broken, only replaced. Think of it as creative imagining, to imagine a new habit to replace the old one and by the time the ole’ habit is caught and replaced 20 times, then we have a ~new~ habit.

We are all creatures of habit. It’s simply a matter of adopting new ones!

  Sue Ann Edwards wrote @

I have a question for you {{{cordieb}}}}. It’s about your toad story, which I really enjoy. My question is this:

What is wrong with the toad dying fat and happy?

  Sorrow wrote @

The force
the sheer energy in it.
A wonderful riddle, I loved it! thanks lady!

  paisley wrote @

i think all of us can relate to wanting to break or replace a bad habit.. currently i am not struggling with one,, but i have one that need me to struggle with it … smoking!!! i just don’t feel as f i have it in me right now to quit,, tho i know it is the next most logical step for me…

i just love when you write these riddles.. you almost always have me hanging on every word trying to figure them out!!!!

  cordieb wrote @

@Sue Ann. LoL. I see absolutely nothing wrong with dying fat and and happy. In fact, if I were given a choice on how I’d like to die, I think I’d choose to die fat and happy! 🙂

  cordieb wrote @

@Sorrow. Thanks Sorrow, I’m glad you liked this one. Let the force be with you! 🙂

@Paisley. Quitting smoking can be quite difficult. I know. I’m a smoker, too. I know if I want to die “fat and happy” 🙂 I’ve got to quit soon, and very soon!

  tobeme wrote @

Wise! The force of habit, yes, this is the invisible shackles is it not. The beauty of habit is that we can simply make the shift in our thinking and we can change our habits. Thank-you for sharing your gift!

  manushee wrote @

so true! 🙂

  Brooke W wrote @

Love the spiritual riddle. Gives me life. The force of habit. I found another spiritual and inspirational riddle I wanted to share with you, let me know if you like it: Poor People Have It Rich People Need It

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