Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Friday Flash Friday 55 – Beliefs ~CordieB.



The following poem is submitted for the fabulous Friday 55, hosted by none other than the G-Man, AKA, Mr. Know it All.  I’m about an hour late on my submission, but I hope someone still finds it beneficial on any day of the week.  🙂  Here ’tis…

©2004-2009 *tigsie17

©2004-2009 *tigsie17





Our life is a mirror reflecting our beliefs

Whether laced with joy or riddled with grief

We can only see what we believe real

What we don’t believe can’t be revealed

Change your belief system and you will see

Changed beliefs manifest into reality

Remove the false veil of impossibilities

Infuse your imagination into actualities


~Written by Cordieb.


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Let me know what you think! 

Peace, Light and Love!  CordieB.

Looking in the Mirror

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  neilina wrote @

I have read somewhere that almost 40,000 thoughts encircles our mind everyday and they become our belief when supported with some presumed realities.
Very true, life is really a reflection of beliefs. Very inspirational write.

  Bright Light Warrior Nika wrote @

This is true, thanks for the free ebook download link.

Lots of love

  Duma Key wrote @

wise words, so many thoughts pulse through my mind at present as I try to turn this corner and learn the lessons there in, your words and your blog hold so much posative energy, always spurns my mind when I come here.

  Nadege wrote @

hey cordie
this poem, your words are helpful to me, no doubt.
must keep reminding myself that what i believe is manifested
in my life.


  tobeme wrote @

Wonderful poem. Yes we are only limited by what we choose to believe or not to believe. We must remove the veil and be amazed at what we have failed to see.

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