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Friday Flash Friday 55 – Beliefs ~CordieB.



The following poem is submitted for the fabulous Friday 55, hosted by none other than the G-Man, AKA, Mr. Know it All.  I’m about an hour late on my submission, but I hope someone still finds it beneficial on any day of the week.  🙂  Here ’tis…

©2004-2009 *tigsie17

©2004-2009 *tigsie17





Our life is a mirror reflecting our beliefs

Whether laced with joy or riddled with grief

We can only see what we believe real

What we don’t believe can’t be revealed

Change your belief system and you will see

Changed beliefs manifest into reality

Remove the false veil of impossibilities

Infuse your imagination into actualities


~Written by Cordieb.


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Looking in the Mirror

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Seems now you don’t find me as delightful as your mind imagined – A Spiritual Riddle

Photo Courtesy of Dario*s and is shared under a Creative Commons License
Photo Courtesy of Dario*’s and is shared under a Creative Commons License


The following riddle was inspired by a dear friend and fellow blogger, Jodie who pens as Paisley , in her recent writing, entitled Life Shrinks and by fellow blogger and a man with much wisom, Mark (To Be Me), over at The Naked Soul  in his recent article entitled, Take a Look at the Means to the End .  Thanks for the inspiration friends!!!!

Come in, my love! Step into my parlor…

 Allow me to paint you in technicolor…

My parlor is elegantly furnished in splendor fashion;

Whereas, I can transcend your deepest, passionate, passion

I will tantalize and dance with you throughout the night

All else will be placed on the back burner in my light

All goals will be reorganized for my sake

I may cause, love, happiness, jealousy, frustration, even heartbreak!

Most times until you capture me; or I you….

I will grow, I will infuse, I will magnify and brew

Yet sometimes as much as you crave my hot embrace

I simply dissipate from your thoughts–leave abruptly without a trace

And you shant even miss my crimson face…

It’s a funny thing that once I’m captured–once we converge

I’m reincarnated into another whimsical, soul stirring urge

Seems now you don’t find me as delightful as your mind imagined

Yet I’m still the same, wanting spirit that once pumped your adrenaline

As cold as Ice, as Hot as Fire……

(Guess who I am – click below)

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A Spiritual Riddle – I am the Root of All Creation

Photo Courtesy of Torley and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

I am the root cause of all creation
In me lies the buildings blocks of all nations . . .
I am the catalyst of all recipes
My vision essentially creates realities

I am the beginning of all success
With my presense there is wonderness!
I am the heart and soul of dreams come true
Finesse me with love and integrity; In turn, I’ll honor you

I brighten the palate of ordinary to magnificence
I give the dullness of life a beautiful majestic essense
Embrace me if you dare; I’ll surely embrace you in return
Perhaps you don’t need me! But without me there’s no yearn
To move beyond the lustreness of life’s everyday mozaic
To make life a little easier or interesting; improve upon the static

I’ll take you to the country or the city, but perhaps you prefer
To travel to the moon or the stars; if you’re a wonderer . . .
Put me into action with desire, love and integrity
With boldness, strength and belief – add some creativity!
Hold me tight; nurture my spirit, and I will come to be

Without me there would be no rockets, buildings, ships, planes, or stairs
No phones, computers, music, art, cars or other wares
I’m imbedded in your humanist, I’m etched in every prayer
But so often you disregard me like a passing love affair . . .

Imagine life without me, an impossible task
You can’t do this without me, "oh why?" you might ask
For in your attempt of the challenge – I’ll be there at your feet
And the circle can’t be broken; this battle always ends in defeat!

Who am I?  . . .Aha, did you forget me? – but you know me oh so well
We were best friends as children–remember playing show and tell!
We played so beautifully together, we escaped all limitation!
I am the core of all creation, I am the Spirit of Imagination!

~By CordieB.

What a beautiful Creation the Creator Imagined!   Wow!  And the Creator passed on the blessing of imagination to humans.  We must not forget to embrace our gift of imagination!   And . . . we must encourage imagination in the youth . . . while they are young enough to be a creative, innovative force!  Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.