Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Love, Fear and Enlightment ~By CordieB

©2008 ~Midnighticequeen  on Deviant Art

She gazed upon his deep brown eyes
Glaized with love and fear; confused yet wise
she knew he loved her desperately . . . .
he could not risk her flying free

She knew she loved him through all fate
with him she’d found her mirrored mate
but with his love came blind control
Though undeliberate, such control shackled her soul

She knew her love was full and true
but there were other things she also knew . . .
she knew she could not be contained
into the life for which he’d planned

She knew he had insecurities
that would never allow her to simply be
he’d always possess the fear of flight
of her souring endlessly into the night

But since her love was true and tried
she eased his fears; stayed by his side
dealt with his subtle controls of will
convinced his way was better still

In time she lost desire to feel . . .

the warmth of the glowing sun
the coolness of the rain upon
her gentle being which she’d dreamed of
she’d traded peace of mind for love . . .

but still the longing in her eyes
revealed a tale of silent cries
this only hightend his insecurites
gave way to anger; raged immaturities
he’d often, confused, demand her to leave
but she’d hold to her sweet reprieve . . .

then one blessed day so crystal clear
the god’s of earth’s great atmosphere
gave strength to follow the raged command
thus she left the home of her beloved man
which she had humorously dubbed the promise land

though she knew his words were those of fear
the god’s gave her insight true and clear
that though her love was tried and true
living that life again; she she could not do

she needed the ability to shed her tears
to speak or write her words without the fears
of disillusioned, often drunken anger
for which she feared might trigger danger

But still her love so pure remained
Yet her peace of mind was hence regained
she knew she really loved this man
but feared rejection and anger once again . . .

She bathed in sweet tranquilities
she felt she finally could breath
she missed his presense even so . . .
Yet there was a stranger she had to get to know

She needed to get to know herself
not live her life for someone else
she needed to live her own desires
find out what really sparked her fires

Again, her love was tried and true
but being alone was something she needed to do
she’d always ran from man to man
if one doesn’t work out; another one can
was often her motto for many years
so in fact she had never faced her inner fears
thus she found herself crying the same sad tears

She felt if she simply returned for love
the same problems would arise in time thereof
for although she loved him beyond compare
she knew she’d lost a part of self somewhere . . .

Ah yes! she loved him desperately
and felt there love was meant to be
but with raw emotions and fear intertwined
she risked loosing his love to find her mind

To be continued. . . .

~By CordieB


  paisley wrote @

such a cauldron of bubbling emotion… love is never easy,, always complex and often not at all what we expected… i look forward to the continuation of this piece…

  SanityFound wrote @

Life, we write the chapters and the book. Am here if you need me and am sending you the biggest of hugs. Sis, never forget how amazing you are, in your darkest deepest moments look towards the light, open arms await you there. *hugs*

  dumakey wrote @

Wow!!! This is great….I need to re-read this when I have more time, is this your own work?
I will return when I have the time to digest and read in the right mind set!

  cordieb wrote @

@Paisley. I know Paisley. That is why sometimes now I’m scared to step in one direction or another – time has told me that sometimes I don’t even know my own heart. PLL, CordieB.

@SanityFound. Thanks Lil Sis. Perhaps one day I’ll fly to South Africa so we can hit the town and do some men bashing! lol. Or even better, hopefully you’ll get to come to the states soon so we can bar hop and just have fun! PLL, CordieB.

@Dumakey. Thanks! Do you have a blog? I’d love to visit if you do. Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . Cordieb.


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  Sweet Talking Guy.. wrote @

Wonderfully written from the heart, you have vocalised the very thing I see happening around me..

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