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When the Universe is Still

Photo entitled "Dream" by Erathic Eric   – Shared under a Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved.

In the darkest middle of the night
when you lie still in your bed
What thoughts come in your mind
What floats inside your head?

In the wee hours of the morning…
when your universe is still
What emotions cross your path
Tell me what is it you feel?

As the moon smiles upon your face
through the window of your heart
What stories do your soul retrace
Do you play the leading part?

Have you ever had a dream that lasts
through nights that never ends?
The dream that reinvents the past;
Rearranging fate as destiny ascends?

Have you ever dreamth of loveones gone
As if they were still with us alive?
The vivid dream of life forgone unknown
Where all remain; and all survive?

Do the departed speak to you in dreams?
Do they laugh with you in love and rejoyce?
Or do they caution you of life yet unseen;
A distant warning to change life’s course

Have you ever dreamth alternate versions
of what your life would be . . .
if you could rewrite; redraft the reversion
of your choices that have shaped all destiny?

As the stars look down upon your being
Through the window of your soul
What motion picture are the stars seeing;
Do you play the leading role?

Do you hold the key to your dreams?
Perhaps misplaced the key without the will to look?
Have you gave the key away it seems?
A supporting character in another’s dream book?

Whatever floats into your dreams or conscious
When your universe is still
Is the key to finding the missing key
Observe closely; it shall be revealed.

~By CordieB.

Magnificant Moments

  ~Flowers and Lovers  – Mark Chagall ~
This week, simply snickers celebrates the birthday of Russian artist Mark Chagall (born July 7, 1887 ).   Such a magnificant painting! 

Magnificant moments in my life

Have always trailed much stress and strife

The beauty of the velvet red rose

Whose bloom came after bitter snows

The clutching of my first born’s hands

Came after laboring demands

of stress and pain through out the night

But in her eyes came pure delight

The climbing of the mountain high

brought pain to legs, feet and thighs

But looking across the beautiful view

Gave a sense of magnificance and wonder anew

As I retrace my life and what I’ve seen

There’s one surety that’s always been

Magnificance would not be so

Without preserverence that makes it so

As I gaze upon the magnificant rainbow

After a raging storm passed only seconds ago

Her beauty reminds me with anticipated glee

A magnificant moment awaiteth me!

~By CordieB

This poem was written for Simply Snickers , a fun poetry prompt.  This week’s theme is "Magnificant Moments."

Faith, Hope and Charity, but above all this is Charity (Love)

There is a message along your right side that speaks about Hope. And, I truly Hope that you will digest that message. However, beyond hope there is Love, which the Bible speaks of as being beyond Faith and Hope. For, after all Faith and Hope is gone, there is remains Love. Love in spirit, love in memories, love in moments, love in kindness, Love in telling the story; Love in continuing the Love.

Don’t get me wrong, Faith and Hope are good in there own rights . However, oftentimes Faith gives way to nothing other than Faith, faith and drizzled out fai…, and sometimes, Hope only lengthens the misery of man.   (I hope I could, I Hope I would, bla bla bla.) There is nothing more pitiful as a man or woman who hopes for a better day without enough sense of passion to help themselves attain there dream. And there are countless of us out there without a dream (Hope). But, guess what? Somebody loves us!

I say this to say, don’t put all your eggs in Faith and Hope, without facing what is truth. Truth can only be only found in Love. You can say, “I have Faith in that or this, or I believe that I can be a helper,  or I have faith in my fellow man” or “I Hope people would…..,”or “I have Faith or Hope that he/she would ……… or “I have Faith or Hope that I could …………………….,

Whatever your Faith is or Hopes are, back them in Love, and only then will the Faith and Hope continue to endure and keep you and your ideals afloat……..

Your ideals are truly only for a season if there is not Love to boot!.

Always remember, when your Faith is questionable and you doubt yourself or God or both, and all Hope is gone, there is always Love to sustain You!

Consider these scenarios ,and put yourself in them for a time and space:

You have put your faith in someone that you dearly love, perhaps a child or dear friend, although he or she has constantly gone the wrong way, made bad choices, and made things hard for you and him/her self. But still you kept the faith that everything would be ok. You have the kept the Faith. And, that is all I have to say about that.

Soon, we realize, that all the Faith in others, other than God doing things in his own time and space gives us hope….

You Hope that he/she will be ok. You have put whatever efforts you knew how to put in, felt was ok to put in, or simply hoped and prayed each night that all would be fine. Your faith was there, and of course your hope was there

Suddenly, and I say suddingy only in the exaggerative way. Because, you’ve already gone though Faith and Hope. But now through all the disappointments, all the toil and termoil; Your love one may even be dead and gone from your world, but there remains Love. Love will keep you from making the mistakes of your past, love will show you that sometimes love is truly hard to deal with, but still it lasts; Love will keep you telling the story about the one (s) or ideas your love ones visioned, and the story will be passed on. Pass love on from the start, and perhaps, we can as Humans eliminate the stages of Faith and Hope. For we will truly need no Faith if we truly love; and there is no need for Hope, if we truly have Love. Because in love there is a knowing that whaever will be will be, and we will still Love, regardless. . . . And what begins with Love will be protected (a form of love) and also set free (another form of love), in its own given time.

You will feel it, whether giving or receiving, if it is real!

Think about it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

Peace always to all ones. And I truly, Love you all too.!