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I will know peace. . . when I reclaim all the pieces of my self ~Iyanla Vanzant

Print, Entitled "Peace, Love and Soul" Courtesy of CordieB.

If you can’t seem to get it together, it may be that you have given too much of yourself away.  It may be that you have compromised, over-compensated, given in and given over so much of yourself that you no longer know where all of the pieces have been scattered.  Perhaps the things you thought you needed to do to get love, to experience yourself as loveable, to be acknowledged, left you splintered, shattered and broken into so many pieces you feel like you will never be able to pull yourself together.  Don’t worry!  You have simply experienced an invasion of the body snatchers!

A body-snatchers invasion will distort the truth about you.  It will make you forget your true identity.  it will make you feel guilty about your desire to take care of yourself and honor yourself.  It will point out the wrongness of your choices, the dangers of your decisions, the impossibility of your visions and the fallacy of your beliefs.  A little nip here.  A little peck here…

There is a way to pull yourself back together when you have been accosted by body snatchers.  You must examine all the times you gave others the right to make your decisons, when you expected others to do for you what only you had the power to do, when you gave others the right to decide your destiny and when you dishonored yourself in order to pelase others.  When you remember what you have done, forgive yourself!  Most important, you must say, "Never again."

Until today, you may not have realized that you had been invaded by body snatchers who have dismembered pieces and parts of your identity.  Just for today, protect yourself!  Be aware of the things you do that deminish and distort the sense of wholeness, worthiness, and your ability to make your own choices and decisions. 

~Iyanla Vanzant


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ruler whorl
by ~demonslayer3513 on deviantART


Tainted realities; addictive as dope

I’ve got the story; you bring the rope

I’ll give you insight; You’ll give me hope

We feed each other accolades to help us cope

With life’s dailys; conjured fears

I’ve got the words; bring me the tears

I can express your silent, wrecked emotions;

Make you feel like you’ve taken a get well potion

Recite the story of your life in verse

Could be a blessing; might be a curse

You share your stories that touch me deep

Stories so familiar to self; secrets to keep

This is the life the of the blogger, addicted

Words of free therapy for the lone and afflicted

Friends we don’t know; but know intimately

Group therapy of that which bonds us collectively

Laughter and tears we shed so often for each other

Actual anger if there’s mistreatment of a blog sister or brother

Missing the posts when the blog disappears

Sadness and happiness; laughter and tears

Through the days, through the months; often through years

Feeling the words of the writer, poet, communicator

Living our lives through the words of the blog’s creator

I’m blessed to found this outlet in each of you

YOu’ve all proved to be real; tried and true

Tell me your secrets; I’ll tell you no lies

I’ll tell things that make eyebrows rise

Tainted realities; addictive as dope

We’ve got the stories; let’s cut the rope

~By CordieB