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Thankful Thursday

After seeing the news today and viewing the awful incident involving George Sodini who shot into a gym, murdering 3 woman and injuring 9 before killing himself, I have decided to begin posting 5 things I am greatful for on Thursdays.  Sometimes in life, it helps to remind ourselves of what we are greatful for, and not put so much thought and reverence into that which we feel we lack.  Expressing gratitude sends out a message to the universe that you are thankful, and you will draw to you that more to be thankful for, like a magnet.   Don’t you give more to those who reflect thanks than those who reflect anguish when you you offer them something???  It’s one of  the basic universal laws!  Misery attracts misery and joy attracts joy!

There are so many things I am thankful for today.   Reflecting back has made me realize some things I feel thankfull for changes each day,  as some things about me change—while other things remain stagnant. I believe we can see how we are growing; what we are knowing, etc. by what are greatful for.

I urge you to list five things in your life for which you are thankful.  You’d be surprized how much this list can tell you about yourself and your frame of mind.

Here’s my five for today:

I am thankful that I have people in my life who expect certain tings of and from me, but truly love me regardless…whether I live up to those expections or not…uncondiionally…and the feelings are mutual.

I am thankful to be gainfully employed and earn enough to take care of myself and my son, and to share with others every now and then too. 🙂

I am especially thankful that my mind is not tormented with anger, resentment, sadness and dispair that I see and read about so often.

I am thankful that my words might calm or inspire one person who may be feeling that anger, resentment, sadness, or dispair today.

I am thankful that I have grown to find enormous joy in the so called “little things” like a red rose, a butterfly, or the wind blowing through my hair. These “little things” are far bigger than anything man has ever created, and I often wonder why they are referred to as little things in the first place; as they are oh so grand!!!

I intended to limit my list to 5, but I have one more that I just have to list…I am thankful for the icecream sandwitch my Gee just brought over ot me!! ooom, yummy…:) 

So, what are you greatful for today? I’d love to know.

Peace, Light and Love. . . Cordieb.

Reflections after Thanksgiving.

We are back to daily living.  I read a post today from persistent illusions,  on 5 reasons to skip Thanksgiving … and it reminded me of a song by Jill Scott.  Here are the lyrics. 

We at the family reunion, tellin’ jokes and playin’ spades

Uncle Dave is on the barbeque grill, Grandma braggin ’bout the blanket she made

 For the new baby on her way

Even though the daddy ain’t really ready

This child is coming…anyway

Neicey made her famous potatoe salad, somehow it turns out green

Maybe its all the scallions, could be the celery

But oh, Uncle Jerome loves it (Hmm)

Hey baby baby, here comes my favorite…my favorite cousin

He says he doing fine, takin’it one step a day– but in my heart I know it ain’t that way

Whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family

And whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family

Aunt Juicy been drinkin’ again…ooh it’s only 1:30 in the afternoon

Everybody tip-toeing ’round her, we all know she gonna be toe up soon

Saying all the things we’d like to say,

hope she gets around to Cousin Lonnie

Cause we all know he got a little extra somebody on the side (But)

Whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family

Oh sh*t, Damn Micky and Steven are fighten again

Move out the way, somebody might get hurt

Aw Look at that what happen is worst

They knocked over Helenora’s Lemon Cake (Emm)

You know the one she barely ever makes

I’m gettin rilled up, I want them to go

But Somebody turned Frankly Beverly on the stereo

Cousin Ruby starts rockin’, shaken her good hip and boppin’

So we all fall into place, smiling and laughing …..

And whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family