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A Spiritual Riddle – You are Truly at Awe, Humbled and Thankful When I Grace You with My Presence. Who am I?

Photo courtesy of mell242 and is licensed under a Creative Commons. 

I am the sunshine after the raging storm;
I am the storm that made it so unbearingly uncomfortable
That you would not venture out further into the darkness
Sometimes I made it so dark you had to finally search for the lightness

I am the shelter in which you found refuge during the storm;
Although you think you deserve no respite and should be held accountable
I give you chance after chance to heighten your awareness
Knowing full well of your continued disregard and recklessness

I’ve saved you and your wretched sisters and brothers
Through countless encounters, so many times– through so much
Some say I’m truly amazing and so sweet is my sound
Since nearly the beginning of time, I’ve been patiently lingering around;

My benevolence is to many undeserving;  
Many say I should pass it to more deserving others;
Those most deserving seem from your perspective to suffer so much
But, still I bestow my presence once more to your eager clutch,
In hopes that the love inside you will at last by you be found.

Or simply due to the unconditional sake of endless love
I can’t bear to see you endure pain and suffering.
The release of your agony brings me extreeme delight
Yet, I often hope in vain that you will finally see the light.

I am overjoyed when you are happy and beloved;
My only expectation is that you would open your eyes to see;
And no longer need my sweet song to guide you through the night
And free me forever from the burdens of your plight

You are truly at awe, humbled and thankful
When in your mist you see my sweet face;
If not for your gratitude, I might leave without trace
Who am I to you . . .?   (Click below for answer)

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