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Moonwalk Tribute to Michael Jackson

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Instructions: Try moonwalking at night time. Tonight, tomorrow night, on carpet on tile or linoleum, it doesn’t matter. Just do it in memory for this man who brought us good music and brought the world together through song. If you don’t know how to moonwalk here’s a video on it “How to Moonwalk Like Michale Jackson”

And that’s it.

Rest in Peace Michael. You will definitely be missed:       hug:

Pass it On. . . The Gift of Love

Today, I’ld like to give a shout out to Sorrow who gives of herself with her time and her art in so many ways.    Sorrow sells beautiful hand-crafted art at the Labrynth ShopALL procedes from her shop are donated to worthy charities involving the development and betterment of life for children.  I repeat, ALL proceeds.  

LabyrinthofLife’s Shop Announcement
The Labyrinth of life is an attempt to pay it forward in the world. All the profit from the items for sale in the shop go to charities.
This quarters charity is Is for the Haitian street kids. You can go here: http://www.hski.org to find out more.
If there is nothing in the shop , but some piece of art you would like, I am happy to due commission for this cause please just click the "request a custom item " on the side bar and let me know what you would like!
From my heart to yours, Thank you for making a difference in the life of a child! We can do only small things, with great love..

Sorrow also gives of her time.  For instance, last summer, Sorrow invited a young  teenager into her home for the summer.  She enabled the teen to experience life she may never have experienced in the situation in which she presently lives.  This type of mentering shows young people  that life can be different!  It is a blessing.  I know, I’ve been that girl living in a disfunctinal family, for lack of a better term, mentored by a loving family!  It showed me that life was not all dismal, sad, and hard.  I was able to experience nature, love, beauty.  It was a beautiful experience for me and has had profound impact on who I am today!  It was a blessing to me and I thank Sorrow for doing the same for others out there! 

Sorrow often gives begging bowls (Image below).   She may sell them in the shop.  I didn’t see them however.  Here is a short description of these bowls, as Sorrow described these to her guest last summer on her last day of the visit . . .

…I was fortunate to meet some Tibetan monks who were traveling and making Mandalas. I got into some really wonderful conversations with one of them. Then later I read a book that spoke of how these monks would go into the street with a bowl, a begging bowl. They would take whatever was put into their bowl and make dinner out of it. I was inspired to make these tiny bowls on cords as a reminder that every day life puts something in your bowl, and what ever that something is, it’s up to you to use it to nourish your mind, your body or your spirit….

So, nourish your mind, body an spirit and pass on the gift of Love. . . .

Thanks Sorrow for all you do and for all you are! 

Peace, Light and Love. . . Cordieb.

A Spiritual Riddle

I feel like the hush of a whisper, gently blowing in the wind;
I am the warmth and light of sunshine softly caressing your skin;
I have the touch of bubbles, kissess, silk and french lace,
Brushing ever so gently upon your sweet face.

I am a cool mist alikend to a newborn baby’s breath –
softly blowing against your ears
I am the cup that catches your blood to endless depths
It is I who eases your silent fears;

I am a fountain of knowledge and wisdom; . .
I am with you from beginning till end
I am a blissfull vase full of mystery and wonderment
I am strong, yet I easily bend

I have the essense of the morning’s first dew
Like the spring’s first warm rain
It is I to whom the birds first sing at the break of dawn
I’m the mystery of midnight – yet I am not vain.

I watch over you in your travels
and pray wishes of wellness many times
You feel my sweet presense along your journey
Even through eternal space and time . . .

I bring laughter and happiness to you often
I can warm your heart with a smile
I have the fragrant alure of morning’s sweet honysicle
Come sat by my side for a while . . .

I often sat back and watch you in wonderment
Always loving througout the ages
But the essense of my real beauty
Lies in the joy in the children’s faces

I taste like sweet cotton candy dipped in lemon juice
My eyes were created to reflect peace and seduce . .
I’m easily chilled like snow flakes on the last rose of summer;
I’m remnescent of the last vision seen before slumber.

I am a colorful mozaic of joys and sorrows.
My tears help cool my soul.
The essense of serenity lies in my powers.
My true powers are yet to unfold;

I can radiate the coolness of a kiss on a foggy windowpane.
Or be as sensual as a shallow warm summer’s wave
Although I’m the ultimate protector -less I go insane,
It is I that you feel you must forever save!

I am happiness, sadness; rolled up into one
My presense is such – I’m all but I’m none

I am like the vision of a rainbow
Reflecting rays of color on a transluscent sea
I’m a trusted comfortor and nurturer;
Your humble beginnings were born within me.

I dance with the rythem of leaves blown at the first sight of fall
Sometime I do tumble, at times I might fall
Yet, I am the will of the powerless, the strength of the man
I’m God’s beautiful miracle . .
I am . . .        (click below for the riddle’s answer)

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