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Flash 55 Friday – His Cuddle is Such ~By CordieB


He curves his upper body against the curve of my back;

Placing his wand between my buns in its crack;

Bending his knees to form fit my thigh and calf;

Embracing the dip in my waste, envoking a sensuous love laugh…

…His cuddle is such…

One of  many reasons I love him so much


~Written by CordieB, dedicated to My Gee (Greg) – Love ya Babe

Submitted for the G-Man’s, AKA, Mr. Knowitall, (Not MY G. but some other lucky girl’s G.) Fabulous Friday Flash 55 – wherein one writes a story or poem consisting of 55 words. It’s fun, you’ve got to try it. Leave the G-Man a link if you try this! He always responds!

Anticipation Explosion ~By CordieB

Ariel’s Orgasm by *nikitaduncan on deviantART


Anticipation Orgasm

Sensually, sedulously , stroking her entirety with apiculate tongue —

whilst the ambiance of candlelight and seduction enhanced pheromones;

the essence of which created an estasized tension throughout body and mind–

longing for the tongue to arrive at the earmarked ; yet intertwined

locale of blistering hotness– awaiting intense, anticipated pleasure,

whilst the stroking continued all elsewhere with teasing leisure . . .

driving her to a point of uncontained explosives beyond measure . . . 

~~Written by CordieB.

Written in response to Poefusion’s Friday 5 .  Todays words are: 


I had a hard time working the word blisters in this poem.   I had to change the word’s form if you know what I mean.  lol.