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I am the sum of your thoughts – Another Spiritual Riddle. . . By CordieB

Photo courtesy of  Photoƒreaks, click on Photo to Play a Fun Game!!!
Photo courtesy of Photoƒreaks, click on Photo to Play a Fun Game!!!
I sometimes swing like a pendulum…

At times, ecstatic; other times…humdrum

My host feels best when I’m somewhat stable

As, I’m a strong factor on whether she’s able …

to motion herself to move from her current state

of life… which shall determine her fate…

or whether he’s able to spawn the passion

to inseminate life; but more importantly, compassion,

by nurturing with love to aide life’s blossom…

Sometimes I’m tempered like a gentle lake

who in her bounty, life partakes…

yet at times, I’m akin to the roughest sea

whom without his majesty, life would cease to be…

I’m a scale of what many gauge from bad to good

I am the sum of your thoughts; I am …

(Click below for riddle answer. . . I know everyone is going to get this one correct!!! lol

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A Spiritual Riddle – Agecstany

Photo courtesy of  antonioh223 – All rights reserved.

 We come into your life with many ups and downs;
Through the calmness and strife, we bring smiles and frowns

We are your constant companions, thick as thieves, through thick and thin
Through the valleys and mountains, sometimes you loose; but as long as you breath, always you win

We are the sunshine that puts a bright smile upon your face;
But we are also the rain that can snatch it all away – both in grace.

Some say it’s not about wining or loosing, but how one plays the game
Learn to embrace your winnings; yet live with the losses without going insane

Be thankful and learn from the darkness, for until you do
You may find more of the same darkness will surely come to you

The bitter-sweetness of our existence has made many men wonder
Yet without our zestful spirit; there would be no need to ponder

Imagine the bordom and ennui without our existence
Life’s challenges and chances would cease without our essense

Do you not realize that we are one – we always travel hand and hand, together
We both were with you when your spirit turned human – and will be with you forever

When you’re on top of the clouds or swimming in the deepest depths of the dark seas
Either of us can open your door of challenge or opportunity – but only You hold the keys

For we always travel as a pair; forever married are we;
Perhaps you know us personally, we are Agony and Ecstasy – Agecstany

~By CordieB.