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Friday Flash 55 – Venom

Venom by !DagoDesign on Deviant Art

Venom by !DagoDesign on Deviant Art

Vicious words spit from
the venomous tongue
are far more deadly
than the bite of a
poisonous snake…
for at least
 the snake’s
can be mutated
the bite of the
poisonous tongue quickly,
and deliberately
the spirit-
the venomous tongue
often leaves
 permanent damage
to the hearts of the multitude


Submitted for the G-Man’s, AKA, Mr. Knowitall, Fabulous Friday Flash 55.

Quote for the Day:  Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, but Words Hurt Long After the Initial Blow.  ~CordieB.

In reality, words can and often do hurt.  However, the spiritual individual is able to counter hurtful or false words with self knowledge and truth.  The spiritual individual will not allow the ego to manefest the hurtful words in his or her heart; for she or he knows the beauty in their being and the truth in their hearts.   Also, those who live by the spirit, will not spit hateful words to others or himself.  For it is the ego that constantly battles with the spirit to speak hurt, hatred or falsehood, in order to make the ego feel good about itself.   Remember when mom told you that kids teased you in order to make them feel big – well she was correct in her wisdom.  Some adults have not grown beyond their childhood and continue to tell lies or  say hurtful things simply to make themself look big by making others look small.  It is sad actually – the insecurities and fears of some people.   The next time you are tempted to say or speak a hurtful word, remind yourself that it is your ego and insecurities which tempt you to do so.  Beckon the love, truth and wisdom of your spirit to manifest itself.  When we practice walking and talking in the way of our core self (spirit),  and what we know to be true in our hearts, we will neither utter nor absorb hurtful and/or false words. 

~Peace, Light and Love…..CordieB.

Photo Friday – Juxtaposition

God loves all his creation! All are most wonderful and beautiful! – no matter the size, statute, color, age, fragrance or how they are juxtapositioned.


 This weeks word is Juxtaposition –

The urban dictionary definition: 1.  Contrasts and differences shown side by side or together.2.  Standing next to ugly people in order to make yourself look really hot.  


Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Juxtaposition

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Life…You have to live it either which ways

Life brings us the most unexpected at the least expected. One day you think it’s a new beginning and all ends. At times when all ends, there is a great new beginning ready to start. The only constant is surety of the fact…. You have to live life either which ways. –Suvikrant

Faith, Hope and Charity, but above all this is Charity (Love)

There is a message along your right side that speaks about Hope. And, I truly Hope that you will digest that message. However, beyond hope there is Love, which the Bible speaks of as being beyond Faith and Hope. For, after all Faith and Hope is gone, there is remains Love. Love in spirit, love in memories, love in moments, love in kindness, Love in telling the story; Love in continuing the Love.

Don’t get me wrong, Faith and Hope are good in there own rights . However, oftentimes Faith gives way to nothing other than Faith, faith and drizzled out fai…, and sometimes, Hope only lengthens the misery of man.   (I hope I could, I Hope I would, bla bla bla.) There is nothing more pitiful as a man or woman who hopes for a better day without enough sense of passion to help themselves attain there dream. And there are countless of us out there without a dream (Hope). But, guess what? Somebody loves us!

I say this to say, don’t put all your eggs in Faith and Hope, without facing what is truth. Truth can only be only found in Love. You can say, “I have Faith in that or this, or I believe that I can be a helper,  or I have faith in my fellow man” or “I Hope people would…..,”or “I have Faith or Hope that he/she would ……… or “I have Faith or Hope that I could …………………….,

Whatever your Faith is or Hopes are, back them in Love, and only then will the Faith and Hope continue to endure and keep you and your ideals afloat……..

Your ideals are truly only for a season if there is not Love to boot!.

Always remember, when your Faith is questionable and you doubt yourself or God or both, and all Hope is gone, there is always Love to sustain You!

Consider these scenarios ,and put yourself in them for a time and space:

You have put your faith in someone that you dearly love, perhaps a child or dear friend, although he or she has constantly gone the wrong way, made bad choices, and made things hard for you and him/her self. But still you kept the faith that everything would be ok. You have the kept the Faith. And, that is all I have to say about that.

Soon, we realize, that all the Faith in others, other than God doing things in his own time and space gives us hope….

You Hope that he/she will be ok. You have put whatever efforts you knew how to put in, felt was ok to put in, or simply hoped and prayed each night that all would be fine. Your faith was there, and of course your hope was there

Suddenly, and I say suddingy only in the exaggerative way. Because, you’ve already gone though Faith and Hope. But now through all the disappointments, all the toil and termoil; Your love one may even be dead and gone from your world, but there remains Love. Love will keep you from making the mistakes of your past, love will show you that sometimes love is truly hard to deal with, but still it lasts; Love will keep you telling the story about the one (s) or ideas your love ones visioned, and the story will be passed on. Pass love on from the start, and perhaps, we can as Humans eliminate the stages of Faith and Hope. For we will truly need no Faith if we truly love; and there is no need for Hope, if we truly have Love. Because in love there is a knowing that whaever will be will be, and we will still Love, regardless. . . . And what begins with Love will be protected (a form of love) and also set free (another form of love), in its own given time.

You will feel it, whether giving or receiving, if it is real!

Think about it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

Peace always to all ones. And I truly, Love you all too.!