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The Spirit of Do Do

He should do it, she should do it.   Absolutely, they should defininately Do it.

Do it now.  Do it fast.  Do it right. Do at night.  Do it in morning.   Whatever you do, make sure you Do it! 

Do the damn thing!

Don’t do it.  Perhaps Do it.  Can’t Do it.  Won’t Do it.   Will Defininately Do it. 

What should I do?  What Can I do?  Where can I Do it?  How can I Do it?  How can I not do it?  Why should I Do it?  Am I suspose to Do that!   I’m not gonna Do a Damn thing.  I’m gonna Do it even if it kills me. 

I’ll show them I can Do it.  Who can’t Do that.  Only a fool would actually Do something that stupid.

She’s not suspose to Do that!  She can really, really Do it!  Can he really Do that?  They are obligated to Do it.   I can’t believe that she would Do such a thing!  

When can I Do it?  I can’t possibly Do it.  At least, I can’t Do it now!.  How will I Do it?  Who will help me Do it?  Should I Do it on my own?  Should I ask for assistance to Do it?  What if I can’t Do it?  This will surely Do me in.

Why can’t I Do it?  Why can’t you Do it. 

Guess what we should all Do? 


Get off the toilet and refuse to let the Spirit of Do Do  keep us knee deep in Deep Do Do.  

How?   Conversate and meditate with your Creator, "Creator, What is it that you would have me to Do?  Creator,  Help me Do what is pleasing to you. "  Take some time to receive your Creator’s Response on what you should Do that would be pleasing to your Creator You will see that by listening to your Creator and following your heart, you will have done that which  you were destined to Do

A Spiritual Riddle – The Darkest Shadow -By CordieB

Photo courtesy of Jill Greeseth , and is licenced under the Creative Commons

I am the tallest, darkest shadow to fall upon the hearts of men;
I have caused enormous calamity, failure and sin;
With me in a heart, humans seldom ever win.

Such a cold, dark, shallow shadow am I;
I bring on fears and tears, causing humans to sigh, asking why?

I’ve destroyed countless relationships, successes and faith;
I’m quite subtle, yet very strong is my wrath;
All minds and hearts will inevitably at times see me in their path.

All humans encounter me, some more than another;
You see, insecurity is my sister and worry is my brother;
My father is fear; suspicion, my mother.
I embrace souls at night like a new found lover. 
If you are not carefull, I will suffocate you under my dark, thick cover.

Like a blanket of dread, I cover my prey;
To release yourself of my wrath, you must kneel down and pray;
Stay thankful and hopeful, live day by day.  

I’ve had many second-guessing what’s wrong from right.
I cause anxiousness, apprehensiveness,
and can make hearts uptight;
But my shadow is very easily overcome by the family of light . . .

For the bright light of hope, faith, and love shine so bright
And they bring courage, security and trust to join in the fight;
Such illuminosity, clarity, and brilliance is their light,
It will cause my dark, deep shadow to fade and disappear straight into the night!

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This Morning I am Worried; This Morning I am Jubilant


You know I’ve been having one of the “feeling down” weeks this week; so one morning I started writing this poem; the more I wrote, the more I heard that inner voice of love tell me to “get off my pitty pot.”   And so the poem changed from doom to to aspiration, and I thought I’d share it with my web friends. 

I’m Worried – Im am Jubilant- By Cordie B.  October 23, 2007

This morning I am worried.
I am worried about where I will stay shortly,
I am worried about where I will pray shortly.

This morning I am worried.
I am worried about how I will eat tomorrow;
I am worried about all the pain that will follow.

This morning I am worried.
I am worried about how this relationship will last;
I am worried about that perhaps we don’t have what it takes to surpass.

This morning I am worried.
I am worried that people may think ill of me;
I am worried that I can’t really be me.

This morning I am worried.
I am worried that I may not see the sun again;
I am worried that from now on, I’ll only see more rain.

This morning I am worried.
I am worried that I won’t see by worrying, I’m wasting my time.
For in the broad scheme of all things, there’s neither rhythm nor rhyme.

This morning I’m Jubilant.
I am Jubilant to know
that change is surely certain, all circumstances come and go.

This morning I am Jubilant.
I am Jubilant and free
Because I’ve helped someone along there paths, and it has given joy to me.

This morning I am Jubilant
I am Jubilant to have a fresh new start;
And in the days that come my way, I’ll love with all my heart.

This morning I am Jubilant
I am Jubilant to have another breath;
And in the days I have to live, I’ll be attentive to my health.

This morning I am Jubilant.
I am Jubilant to see;
The worries of my yesterdays were most because of me.

This morning I am Jubilant.
I am Jubilant to see;
Most worries of my yesterdays will never come to be.

This morning I am Jubilant.
I am Jubilant, know why?
For there’s no need on earth I know, for which God won’t supply.

This morning I am Jubilant.
I am Jubilant to say
Thank God for changing seasons, and for another day.