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The Lesson of Love

Cirdle of Love ~CordieB

Circle of Love ~CordieB

I lived for years in chronic, suptle fear…

of what you thought…of how you might react

when with your plans…ideas.. I didn’t adhear

then. . . one day I took a brave step back . . .

I gained a miraculous sense of self

I acted in alignment of  inner spirit’s desire

I began to sing a beautiful solo for myself

Not feel compelled to blend in with the choir

And to my astonishment I found…

That my song was filled with such inner harmony

For which you accepted with love unfound

And you actually loved the realness of me

And with that love I clearly saw you blossom

Into the realness of your inner true being

Without the fears of what I might not understand…

And love endured. . though not always agreeing

And so it is with love on every given turn…

As love survives differences of even dualing brothers

Tis a hard, yet invaluable lesson of which to learn

To embrace the spirit of uniqueness within ourselves and others

~Written by CordieB