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Balance at the Park in June

Balance -CordieB

Balance -CordieB

Late evening contemplation in the park
sipping wine till light turns dark
picking minds and hearts apart
gazing at the wonderment of Sun’s retreat
as Moon assumes command; taking seat…
Sending Troup de Breezes; defeating stagnant heat
Mindless peeping as lovers fuss or swoon…
to birdie’s perfect God-sent tune…
Life’s balance at the park in June

Written by CordieB

Quote for the Day…”All is Fair in Love and War” ~John Lyly’s ‘Euphues’ (1578)??

Submitted for simply snickers prompt.  This week’s prompt words are:  peep, park, pick.


Thought for the Day

Moon in the Horizon ~CordieB

Moon in the Horizon ~CordieB

Do you realize that no matter who you are, what you do, or where you are today on Earth, if you look up to the sun or the moon, you will be looking up to the exact same sun or moon that I look up to each day and night?  In fact, we may very well be looking at it at the exact same time!  Amazing, isn’t it!