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Life’s Purpose

King of Pumpkins --CordieB

King of Pumpkins --CordieB

As I visited my fellow bloggers this morning. . . most of whom have a spiritual connection in some manner; if not spiritual, most of those I encounter are in search of something  . . . . I suppose, because I am such, I migrate to such.  But, I realize that there are those who live each day and never, ever question such unanwerable puzzles as “What is the Purpose of Life.”

Children go from day to day, creating, imagining, loving and playing. . . yet they never question such deep, mind twisting questions.  Although very inquisitive, children never question such nonscense.  I would imagine my grandchild’s eye brows would rise should I asked him such a question.   He would most likely say – “you’re playing nana, ha ha” and continue building a lego ville to touch the ceiling.

So, today I question myself.  Why must I find purpose.  Is there really a Purpose for life.

Have you ever given a gift to someone just because you wanted them to have it . . . no strings attached.  . .

If you have, then you know that once you give the gift, you don’t really care what they do with it. . . it is given with love for them to do whatever they choose to do with it. There is no need for thank you’s; no need to take care of it . . . just something you chose to give, just because you wanted that person to have it.

Perhaps life is just that. . . a wonderful gift from our creator to do just what we want to do with it. . . no strings attached.

Peace, Light and Love. . .