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Looking in the Wrong Mirror

Vivian Deborah Stephens is a bad, blessed and highly favored mother, wife, educator, and author.   Below is a sample of her beautiful poetry taken from her latest book, "Deep Water in a Shallow Well."  

The central thing

You need to understand is

That God sees you—right now.

In all the beauty and splendor

That He created in you…

And not through some haze

Or smoke and mirrors

Which distort and diminish

The value of your being!  

Stop measuring yourself

by man’s perverted standards

Of beauty, brains and worth.

Man only manufactures scales by which

He can benefit himself…

T he measures he employs

are vain and superficial.

No wise man can

Accurately access the value of another.

A person’s true worth isn’t gauged

By external valuations.  

Neither can the shepherding of souls

nor the donation of goods,

alter your stature and importance in God’s eyes…

To Him, you’ll never be any greater

than you are at this very moment!

Learn to see yourself as God sees you— A reflection of himself . 

You were not created to be a carbon copy of the world—

But, you were endowed with qualities

Crafted and uniquely suited for your divine purpose.

And if that’s not

What you see

When you’re looking at yourself…

Then, you are looking in the wrong mirror.


 Vivian Deborah Stephens