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Moonwalk Tribute to Michael Jackson

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Instructions: Try moonwalking at night time. Tonight, tomorrow night, on carpet on tile or linoleum, it doesn’t matter. Just do it in memory for this man who brought us good music and brought the world together through song. If you don’t know how to moonwalk here’s a video on it “How to Moonwalk Like Michale Jackson”

And that’s it.

Rest in Peace Michael. You will definitely be missed:       hug:

Say You Wake Up in the Morning

Everybody Needs Love.  Courtesy of CordieB.

Art - Everybody Needs Love ~CordieB.

Say you wake up in the morning…

feeling so empty inside

I bet i got just what you’ve been looking for baby,

you need someone like me by your side…

i know you’ve been hurt before

but don’t be afraid to try love once more…

…cause without love by your side,

you’re only half alive,

because everybody needs love… everybody needs love…

Now I really don’t know who wrote those lyrics, but, ain’t that all we all really need for true happiness; but we do so many things to avoid being hurt. Aren’t we all afraid to try love once more. But, when I think about it, life is really about love. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we might began to truly live.

Allow love to saturate your being today, people. Don’t be afraid. You really don’t know what tomorrow brings…and yesterday is dead and gone. Cast aside all anger, resentment, heartaches, and fears. Living a moment in love is well worth the risk of tomorrow or the pain of the past; and actually the most happiest way I can really imagine ever living. Live for the love you have today. Don’t let anyone or anything deny you of your right to love. Don’t let time, people, or circumstance steal your joy!!! Give and accept love to the fullest of your very being starting this moment and every moment hereafter!!!!

Don’t wake up another morning, feeling so empty inside; especially when you truly have a choice. Just do it!!! Live your passion!!!

Peace, Light and Love, CordieB

Happy Father’s Day to the Unsung Heros~By CordieB.

Happy Father’s Day Greg – Written especially for you on Father’s Day

What energy and love is always sown
By the man who loves a child whose not his own
to often go though hours of thankless days
And not receive your dutiful praise
For being there through heartfelt tears and fears
Through many hours, days and years

No one knows the meaning of unconditional love
More than the man who stands the test thereof
and gives guidance, support, and love beyond
To another man’s child – who’s not your own

And so sometimes you are misunderstood
And doubt your self and all your good
But remember we mothers love you much
And appreciate you stern but loving touch

You keep our boys from trouble when
This loving strength is not given from their own kin
You show our daughters courage and respect
so they will know what they should expect
from their own men when they grow up
An example of the finest, you make up

So thank you Greg today and everyday
With love and always, Happy Father’s Day!