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Who am I – or – who I am

My kindred sister, LostWidow , wrote this piece a few days ago after reading a recent post which shared several writers’ verses relating to "self" and who we are .  I was so touched by her writing that I asked her If I could share her beautiful poem with you here.  She kindly said yes. . . I know you will find truth and insight in her words, as I did.  

©2008 ~JDInfuser  on Deviant Art

Who am I – or – who I am ~By Lost Widow

who am I i read in a blog today, a snake, a sister, a sloth… no none of these

I am the same person always but forever changing

so then if i am fluid can i be tacked down by a label

and if i am not, how do i define self

self, a matter ever fleeting, yet so seemingly sedentary at times


just moving through space or making a difference

do tossed pebbles in the ocean really become the surf on the other end

or do the rocks just sink, blending amoung all the others

grey-brown rounded edges of normalcy

or maybe they just made the endless depths of the sea, that much closer to standing on

~Written by Lostwidow

Awsome!     Thanks G for sharing this with us!  Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb. 

Give me Back Myself, But, Who Am I?- (Updated) ~By CordieB

Everyone needs something

No matter who we are or how we think

No one can live without something . . .

Be it love, bread, air or water to drink.

Everyone’s a slave to something

But the choice is very clear

We can choose to what and whom we lend Ourselves …

So often in life, our choices root from fear;

For everthing we choose to let go

Another choice is sure to follow;

Jesus said, Blessed is the poor in spirit,

He knew that it is a blessing to truly be worryless; 

To know that our Creator provides all of it…

He knew to have an unburdened spirit is the key to life beyond

The fallacies and mailadies, that plague us for so long.

To not worry about not having enough or having too much;

To truly be one with God and one’s-self is –To Be– Free– in-touch;

For, unless we can let go all cares, ambitions, hatred, external comforts, or anything . . .

We are merely partly slaves to ourselves and partly slaves to something. . .

What is it that you will be a slave to? . . .

That is the gift of Free Will God has given you . . .

So you feel someone or something has stolen the gleams

of Life from your eyes and invaded your dreams?

Only God can truely erase your true nature . . .

Which was within you from the begining; no need to mature. . .

Your Creator has given you paramount choices; Free Will.  

But that’s only a fraction of God’s wonderment, still.

A curse if used in evil,  A blessing if used to inspire. . .

But if regaining your true self is truly your desire,

To regain, reveal, and be your real true self,

You must be willing to let go of every negative, unloving else.

Release imbedded pride, judgements, illusions, lies, anger, fears, hatred, prejudice and preconception

For God’s love is your Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End, your true self, your Heaven

 ~Good Friday, Good Saturday, and Blessing for Easter to everyone.  It is through the teachings and love of Jesus Christ that I am able to realize the God (Goodness) within myself and the goodness in everyone of God’s creations; and know that our Creator provides all; Created all; and we originated in Him.