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The Doll House

There is nothing as sad, I’ve ever known

As living in a house that’s no longer a home

To go through weeks with the daily pleasantrys

In states of low-keyed fear and pretentious affinities

To move through tension that can be cut with a knife

Unable to release words of truth in daily strife

The hushfullness and stillness of every glance

The unheard music; the restricted dance

The bitterness of the all consumed

The lonliness of the untouched rooms

The hovering of a haunting gloom . . .

The depressed family; low-spirited lovers

Who have lost the capacity to communite with each other

The silent voices that pierce the ears

The yearning eyes dropping unseen tears

The constant state of unspoken fears . . .

Through the days, through the weeks, that turn to years

The laughter that long ago turned into unheard cries

Unhappy memories magically turned to good times in disguise

Family secrets lurking from the walls and floors

And closets which will forever have unopened doors

The looking back with a silent sigh . . .

When you ask yourself – a simple, why?

There is nothing as sad, I’ve yet to know

As a house that’s not a home – but merely a show

By CordieB.