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Christ was about Love! Period. All other agendas are our own.

Artwork entitled, "Wingless, courtesy of  ~n1kkeisat0

The Christ Child, By CordieB

Away in a manger a long time ago…
a babe  was born who longed to bring hope.
Three fourths of humanity worship the birth of this child
Yet, so few of us walk the path of the meek and the mild…

So few of strive to love our fellow man…
Though we hate and despise, we worship the Man
So often we use Christ life’s purpose in vain
So few of us love our neighbors as Christ so diligently taught
We’ve turned his his walk into commercialism; that can only be brought

In stores to perhaps give a temporary smile
to those who can afford it…perhaps for a while
While others lay hungry, homeless and poor
we bustle and hustle to all of the stores . . .
Stressing ourselves out to buy more, more and more

We walk into churches each Sunday for Christ’s Sake
pointing fingers at those who have lost all their faith
due to heartless believers who so often spur hate
and pay all our dues to for a religious retreat
yet somewhere a family is cold;  abandoned, with nothing to eat

We speak of our Jesus with majestic love for the Man
never practicing that which He stood for– love for all humans
In fact we even practice hatred in His Holy name
and swear it is Christ-like to inflict such pain

Christ walked this earth to teach us to love
In hope that we not destroy humanity and the earth thereof
When will we practice the lessons taught by the babe who was born
in a manger to parents who were poor, ostracized and forlorn . . . ?

Let us remember the reason for the season by loving our neighbors and start treating others as we would have others treat us.  Christ was about LOVE, PERIOD.  All other agendas we may have are our own.  Let us strive to keep this in mind this season and all seasons.

As always, Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

Reflections after Thanksgiving.

We are back to daily living.  I read a post today from persistent illusions,  on 5 reasons to skip Thanksgiving … and it reminded me of a song by Jill Scott.  Here are the lyrics. 

We at the family reunion, tellin’ jokes and playin’ spades

Uncle Dave is on the barbeque grill, Grandma braggin ’bout the blanket she made

 For the new baby on her way

Even though the daddy ain’t really ready

This child is coming…anyway

Neicey made her famous potatoe salad, somehow it turns out green

Maybe its all the scallions, could be the celery

But oh, Uncle Jerome loves it (Hmm)

Hey baby baby, here comes my favorite…my favorite cousin

He says he doing fine, takin’it one step a day– but in my heart I know it ain’t that way

Whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family

And whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family

Aunt Juicy been drinkin’ again…ooh it’s only 1:30 in the afternoon

Everybody tip-toeing ’round her, we all know she gonna be toe up soon

Saying all the things we’d like to say,

hope she gets around to Cousin Lonnie

Cause we all know he got a little extra somebody on the side (But)

Whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family

Oh sh*t, Damn Micky and Steven are fighten again

Move out the way, somebody might get hurt

Aw Look at that what happen is worst

They knocked over Helenora’s Lemon Cake (Emm)

You know the one she barely ever makes

I’m gettin rilled up, I want them to go

But Somebody turned Frankly Beverly on the stereo

Cousin Ruby starts rockin’, shaken her good hip and boppin’

So we all fall into place, smiling and laughing …..

And whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa

What can you say…it’s family