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Moving On

Forbidden Fruits by CordieB.

Forbidden Fruits by CordieB.

Letting go of love is hard to do…

How to feel better, I’ve no clue

moving on when love prevails

uplifting spirit to no avail

Feeling the persistent pain

fears that love won’t come again

sadness in the mist of all

dampened spirit; mind enthralled

with the deafening words of bleak

leaving limbs heavy and weak

laughter rings a distant tone

yet, with love one does move on


Written by CordieB.

An Early Rejection Usually Saves You From a Great Deal of Pain, Grief, and Heartache in the Long Run

No one likes or desires rejection.  However, an early rejection usually saves you from a great deal of pain, grief, and heartache, in the long run.  There are also those times when what you have is not really what you want, but you convince yourself that it is what you need, and you settle.  Well, if the other person rejects you, guess what! you are saved from having to run away yourself!  Rejection is most traumatic when you start out in the relationship feeling needy, have a possessive need to be loved, or are in the relationship for material things.  When you enter a relationship feeling needy and unfulfilled, rejection can feel devestating, because you never got the chance to really love and appreciate your own selfworth.   In those situations you must not become withdrawn or feel hopeless.   First, you must realize that your creator will not keep anything in your life that is not for your good.  This rejection  could have occurred to teach you a life lesson or give you another perspective on life.  Next, ask yourself, what is it that this person has that is so great, and why is it you don’t think you can get it anywhere else.  If you understand that you can only draw to yourself that which is a reflection of yourself, you will begin to see rejection in another light.  If you still do not fully love and appreciate your self worth, you will surely draw the same type of relationship issues back to you again.    When you enter any relationship, you should be and feel the best you can about your self and your life.  If you get rejected, it could  very well be that you have to work on self a little bit more, and that includes loving yourself so that you only draw to you what’s worthy of you.