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Tall Tales

There are those who often speak of the past. . .
of days gone by. . .the memories of far away
in a distant time; never to be seen again
the same old stories retold, again, so vivid, so grandeur of yesterday . . .

I used to become bored of these repeated stories…of good old days, told so often in bragging manner…then one day i realized, the past is seemingly all some people have left of their world to bring them zest. . . a tall tale to tell…to reminisce may bring much pleasure to those whose generation is fatefully becoming an unrelenting victim of extinction at an alarming rate.

So now, when I hear a retelling of a same old story…I listen patiently and laugh again…or cry again…or comment with interest…
and I try to bring some newness and something of life to look forward to the teller of the stories. . . for I realize they have somewhere, somehow…lost their vision of their tomorrows…for their tomorrows are by virtue of time and space…limited and coming to a closure in the not so distant future…

And I am reminded. . .in all senses of common sense that my past days now really do out number my future days of life as I
now know it…and this ratio will grow with each passing day . . . so  I strive to live a life NOW which will enable me to have lots of tall tales to tell…tomorrow…

But most importantly, I strive to live a life NOW that cultivates a love connection with others which may, if I’m blessed, encourage them to listen…to my tall tales…in my tomorrows…

Today…let us give thanks and appreciate the elderly. They are so often unappreciated; yet… they paved the way.


Dreams Deferred

Contemplating – Courtesy of G and Cordieb.  Share and Share Alike!
What happens to our dreams deferred?
Unacted upon desires that are seldom heard . . .
Do they wash away with the crimson tide . . .
By the sands of time which can’t be defied?

What happens to our dreams alas. . .
which we sadly allow to simply pass. . .
or hold at bay for a better day
Do they await our return or simply fade away?

What happens when we put our dreams on a shelf?
Do they wait patiently for us to find ourselves
Or do they float away to an unknown dreamland
Where dreams deferred converge and reemerge once again . . .

In the heart and soul of another child-like spirit . .
with the heart to reclaim our neglected dream’s merit
Who will take the forsaken dream and caress its face
And abandon not its saving grace

Allow not our dream to become deferred
Unnurtured; Seldom talked to; Barely heard. . .
For without our love, passion, and concern
Our dream will whither; thus our heart will burn and yearn. . .

Yet the dream will one day find another
Who will embrace that dream like a new found lover
And the dream will lovingly reciprocate
But sadly for us, it will be too late;
Yet to ease our minds, we will call it fate.

~Written Especially for my Daughter Crystal and all you other dreamers out there, by CordieB