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Spirituality Art Sunday – The Walk from Smoke into Darkness

Print, Entitled, The Walk from Smoke into Darkness -CordieB.

She walked away from smoke into the darkness . . .

She trusted the unknown would let her breath

Although the unknown darkness scared her . .

Its possibilities of life were what she seized

The smoke was slowly suffocating

She felt life fade with each shallow breath

Though she knew not where the darkness lead

The smoke would surely cause her death . . .

Into the abys, she fiercely walked

Away from all she’d ever known

And through the many darkenend nights

She breathed fresh air; that of her own . . .

-Written By CordieB

On the Dark Side

©2007-2008 ~Naimane

©2007-2008 ~Naimane

Come walk with me into the dark

Where light has faded; there is no spark

Come stroll with me at midnight’s peak

It is the darkness we will seek

Look into souls of evil, wicked; angered, bleak

who prey on helpless, weak and meek

Come stroll with me into the minds

of serial killers, rapists; insane kinds

of those who have no light within

whose hell’s fires raged when life began

who has no rules, no love, no sins

Imagine for a moment’s brief . . .

yourself, the killer, rapist, thief

so hard to imagine such I know

but capabilities are potential, we don’t know

we dare not go down that dark path

our minds are sane, we hold no wrath

Our God forgives all sins of those

for asking forgivness of their woes

we believe in forgiveness, two and fold

but forgive them not, our heart is cold

Are we beyond the darkness; evilness

are we forgiving of all our own tresspasses

There is a revelation in searching in the dark

we find that which could not be found in light

It scares our sanity, questions our morals, what is right?

I dare you to seek inside your soul

find that which tears from your control

live it through in your mind, just you seeing

but dare not harm another being

and once we finish our dark stroll

we must come back in, reclaim our soul

it’s just an exercise of blinded sight

so we may truly love the light

~Scribbled by CordieB.

I’ve been told often that we all have a dark side to us; most of us never experience that dark side to a great degree- we choose not to walk in that path and we are fortunate enough to have never been put in circumstances that might evoke the darkness. I am also told that if we are put in the right circumstances, we all are capable of walking in that path. . . . Abused children are more vulnerable to walking in the path of criminal insanity . . . but we all have the potential. Just a few thoughts going through my mind. . . If we want to love as God does, do not we have to forgive all . . .