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When the Universe is Still

Photo entitled "Dream" by Erathic Eric   – Shared under a Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved.

In the darkest middle of the night
when you lie still in your bed
What thoughts come in your mind
What floats inside your head?

In the wee hours of the morning…
when your universe is still
What emotions cross your path
Tell me what is it you feel?

As the moon smiles upon your face
through the window of your heart
What stories do your soul retrace
Do you play the leading part?

Have you ever had a dream that lasts
through nights that never ends?
The dream that reinvents the past;
Rearranging fate as destiny ascends?

Have you ever dreamth of loveones gone
As if they were still with us alive?
The vivid dream of life forgone unknown
Where all remain; and all survive?

Do the departed speak to you in dreams?
Do they laugh with you in love and rejoyce?
Or do they caution you of life yet unseen;
A distant warning to change life’s course

Have you ever dreamth alternate versions
of what your life would be . . .
if you could rewrite; redraft the reversion
of your choices that have shaped all destiny?

As the stars look down upon your being
Through the window of your soul
What motion picture are the stars seeing;
Do you play the leading role?

Do you hold the key to your dreams?
Perhaps misplaced the key without the will to look?
Have you gave the key away it seems?
A supporting character in another’s dream book?

Whatever floats into your dreams or conscious
When your universe is still
Is the key to finding the missing key
Observe closely; it shall be revealed.

~By CordieB.

Buz word of the Week – Harmony

Hello World! 

Warning!  I’m a little off balanced today.  But don’t worry, that might just be a good thing!  I used to think that being well balanced was a good thing until watching the Today Show this morning.  Now, I realize that even if I am out of balance, it really isn’t that awful-because balance is not good, AT ALL.  According to James Arthur Ray, “balance is bogus. . . .True happiness: it’s not about balance; it’s about harmony.” 

Well thanks a lot Mr. Ray for tipping my scales this morning and throwing me WAY off balance.  Just when I thought I was doing great–I was feeling well balanced, I was feeling quite happy about most of my life; along comes this expert telling me that “balance is bogus.”    In fact, Ray authoritively tells us, “where there is balance , there is no energy ; nothing is happening .” 

According to Ray, “In contrast, when all pieces move together in complete harmony, like the instruments in an orchestra, levels of happiness, wealth, and success soar.”  

I was simply devastated!  I had a hard enough time trying to get somewhat balanced; now I’ve got to strive to have everything working together like instuments in an orchestra!  And guess what, Mr. Ray can show me how to obtain this harmony for only $16.47 – Imagine that!  Sixteen forty seven will not even throw my checkbook out of balance!    I’m only sixteen dollars and forty seven cents away from harmony, and thus ultimate happiness!  I can’t wait to purchase this book.  I wonder if I will be coached to sing a song in the shower and hum a melody while cooking dinner for my family.  I’ll be whistling to work and keeping a harmonic rythym on my keyboard while I’m balancing harmonizing the corporate budget.  Ooops, did I use the word balance again; THAT’S NOT GOOD. 

When I was a girl, my parents thought it was a virtue to simply be well rounded .  Now that I’m older, roundness doesn’t seem to attract anything– especially happiness from outside sources.  As time went on, being grounded became the key to happiness. . . . imagine that?  Going from roundedness to well grounded.  Every time I tried to stay stuck to the ground, something  or someone would simply push me and make me roll, because I had spent so much time practicing on being well rounded, I could easily have been mistaken for a ball.   

Soon, I realized the key was not in what I did, but in what I thought.  If I thought happy thoughts all the time, one could roll over me with a freight truck, and I’d still be laughing.  It never happened, so I can’t really prove that theory. 

After thinking all positives . . . I moved on to dressing the part.  We are what we wear was the evolutionary discovery.  So, I’d break my budget ensuring that I had the latest and greatest business suites to match the role of my ultimate goddest.  Mind you, I was only making minimum wage.   But hey, I was aiming to be the executive, so I dressed like she did!  I ended up with with FAR too many credit card bills and not enough money  – but I dressed fabulously!  No one told me that I needed a good credit score to get into management.  Silly me!   

I was feeling really down and out about this, then I was monumentally informed that happiness has absolutely nothing to do with money or having a good credit score.  It’s all about love and nothing else matters.   I could live in a homeless shelter due to lack of money and still be really happy.   This theory did help me raise my credit debt ratio though.  I didn’t buy anything extravagant, because I didn’t have the credit or that kind of cash.  I loved everything , even hard times.  But the dissolution came when I realized that my kids were being teased in school for wearing bee bops (dollar store brand) when everyone else were wearing Nike or Reebocs.  Oh my . . . I thought,  If I don’t care about making a materialistic life for myself, I must at least attempt to make a balanced life for them.   Bing!   I had another monumental revolution!  Even though money (alone) didn’t buy happiness, a little of it certainly helped.  Besides, I could not bear to see those kids cry another day.  It gave me headaches.  Who can be happy with a headache.   And plus, I kind of missed buying a nice new black pump, every so often, anyway.  

After further reflection–especially since my balance method is now passé, I’m now wishing I would have stuck with the most evolutionary  discovery ever to hit the Earth.  It is truly the key to HARMONY, thus HAPPINESS.    If I had stuck with the concept I’m about to enlighten you about, I would not be in the disharmonized (is that a real word?  It is now.)  mood I’m now in.   But I thought I’d come a long way, baby . . .so I gave up on this momentous, sweeping discovery.  However, It is not hard to do.  In fact it’s really quite easy!  You don’t have to purchase a book, you don’t even have to change your thought patterns.  I’m going to let you on to this long forgotten SECRET today – right here on this posting!  FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Perhaps some of you can remember it . . .

I’m going back to being practicing  ENGOLI !  I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let him forget he’s a man.  . . Cause I’m a woman!  Enjoli!

Talk about HARMONY!   And to think it comes in a bottle and smells joyously too! Just spray your way to happiness!  Now, that’s bliss, paradise, nervana, untimate consciousness . . . oh my what’s the correct term for heaven now.  I think I may be confused.   Anywho . . .

Perhaps I’ll go home, have a nice meal with my family, chill with them for a bit, then get me a glass of wine and blog for a while-that’s my method for happiness and bliss, at least for today. 

Peace, Light Love,


Cognizant, The Cause of Unhappiness – By Mystic Healing Art

My New Year’s Resolution is to learn to leave behind all motives, causes and reasons which are not truly reasons of life.  To strive to walk the path of happiness, of peace and search for prosperity for all.   God Bless each of you, and may you have a spirit filled New Year this year and beyond. . .  Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

There are persons in this world, who  are resentful of the happiness of others, just as if happiness would harm them. Besides, they consider themselves as the only ones who deserve all goodness and make out of their own lives a tragedy of frustration and misery. And why all this happens ? Is perhaps that the person does not have capacity or abilities ? Not quite, the person might have a great capacity of intelligence but what truly happens is that there is no spirituality, there is no commitment to Peace and Love. There is, instead, an inner torment of loneliness and anxiety, for the simple and direct fact of envy…

This is an addiction, a terrible compulsion, which lacks love and which also  ignores the effort of others, while not wanting to recognize what is obvious since all effort has merit and is an achievement. The envious person has not open her heart, he/she is blind because of the terrible incapacity of valuing and respecting; this is a very lonely life,  with great confusion and small consciousness. True spirituality promotes emotional and psychological values since spirituality does not admit hypocrisies, arrogance, pride and self deceit…

Then, every one who is not happy has  to know that the reason is that he/she does not love, does not miss the need of a human family, of a universal family. But this can change, this must be overcome, this lack has to be faced, it is necessary to win over evil and search for goodness.  It is essential to exercise and practice the spiritual life, not as doctrine of loneliness , but as a living practice of communion and universal union.  Since, not being happy is path of destruction and death, total abandonment; let’s learn to leave behind, all motives, causes and reasons which are not truly reasons of life and let’s walk the path of happiness, of peace and let’s search for prosperity for all, this is truly humanism, and is spiritual consciousness.

By Mistical Healing Art