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We all have our own demons to conquer!

There are some people who are so uprightious and heavenly bound that they are truly no earthly good.  Some people spend so much energy talking about other’s so-called defects that you would think they had never made mistakes, never lied, never cheated, alway paid every bill on time, always gave 100 percent at work, always cleaned their houses, never smoked a joint, never had a beer–the list goes on.  But if we look into these peoples closets, we would find that they have experienced many of the same issues that they spend 90 percent of their time talking, complaining, gossiping, and shaking their heads about. 

Now, normally, I can ignore all these rants and hypocracies; but today – I’m just fed up from the head up.  These people seem to get a joy out of others miseries and mistakes in life.  And then, the phase that just eats me up is “I would never . . . . ”  I find those I would never people usually are suffering from selected amnesia or those same demons for which they never would are sure to come into existence one day.

Now, I’m not talking about people who talk every now and then, or comment on news worthy events.  No I’m talking about the vicious gossipers who smile in your face–smile in everyone’s face–only to start the down talking the moment you leave the room or are off the phone.  I’m talking about those folks who never have anything good to say about anyone, but can always point out how someone is headed down the wrong path or going to hell in a hay basket.  What the hell is hell in a hay basket? 

I just feel that if these so called “good people” would extend half of the energy they use talking about other’s misdeeds helping peole overcome their problems, then the world would be a far better place. 

We all have our own demons to conquer.  All of us grow at different rates; and we all learn some things faster than other things.  We don’t all even want the same things others want.  We don’t have the same belief’s as everyone else.  These unique traits make us human.  Here’s some food for thought . . .

Today, in a town near you, there is an upstanding deacon of the church who is a child molester – yet he preaches being upright all the time.

Today, in a town near you, there is a gay basher who loves to look at gay porn and practices homosexuality on the down low.  (I know one personally).

Today, in a town near you, there is a Christian who would never dream of helping a homeless man or woman – unless of course that person came inside of the church.

Today, in a town near you, there is a woman who constantly talks about the youth of today and how “bad and stupid they are.”  This same woman failed to raise her own children because she gave birth to her first one at 14. 

Today, in a town near your, there is a man who constantly accuses his wife of flirting; yet he has encountered numerous affairs.

Today, in a town near you, there is an upstanding citizen, who will be arrested for domestic abuse. 

Today, in a town near you, there is a teenager who is contemplating suicide because of mean, irresponsible gossip.

We should always remember the golden rule; do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  Because when we don’t, those demons that we never could imagine facing, might just come to bite us!  

Peace, Light and Love,



A Spiritual Riddle – The Darkest Shadow -By CordieB

Photo courtesy of Jill Greeseth , and is licenced under the Creative Commons

I am the tallest, darkest shadow to fall upon the hearts of men;
I have caused enormous calamity, failure and sin;
With me in a heart, humans seldom ever win.

Such a cold, dark, shallow shadow am I;
I bring on fears and tears, causing humans to sigh, asking why?

I’ve destroyed countless relationships, successes and faith;
I’m quite subtle, yet very strong is my wrath;
All minds and hearts will inevitably at times see me in their path.

All humans encounter me, some more than another;
You see, insecurity is my sister and worry is my brother;
My father is fear; suspicion, my mother.
I embrace souls at night like a new found lover. 
If you are not carefull, I will suffocate you under my dark, thick cover.

Like a blanket of dread, I cover my prey;
To release yourself of my wrath, you must kneel down and pray;
Stay thankful and hopeful, live day by day.  

I’ve had many second-guessing what’s wrong from right.
I cause anxiousness, apprehensiveness,
and can make hearts uptight;
But my shadow is very easily overcome by the family of light . . .

For the bright light of hope, faith, and love shine so bright
And they bring courage, security and trust to join in the fight;
Such illuminosity, clarity, and brilliance is their light,
It will cause my dark, deep shadow to fade and disappear straight into the night!

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Photo Friday – “Religion”

This Week’s Photo Friday topic is entitled: Religion

There is Wisdom in the Word ~CordieB.

This is my son, Samuel, reading Book of Samuels in the Holy Bible. 


Marcus, my nephew, and Marquese, My Grandson – Children are such a Joy!

. . . . And such is the Kindom of Heaven. 

When I see the joy in the eyes of the children; I am automatically transported to Heaven.  ~CordieB.

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I Open My Heart and Mind to Be Aware . . .If I Walk in the Footsteps of the Master, I will Master My True Self


Jesus the Christ had a goal; to serve God.  On that goal he remained focused.  he had a purpose: to teach love.  On that purpose he remained focused.  He ad a mission: to demonstrate to people how to lovingly serve each otehr while serving God.  To that mission alone, he gave all of his energy.  In his own words, he revealed the power of having a purpose when he said, “But for this purpose was I born.”  In essense, Jesus was saying to us, when your life is for a purpose, you will rise above all difficulties.

Focus on the goal.  Focus on the purpose.  Focus on accomplishing the goal.  Each day hundreds of thousands of peopel get out of ed with no goal.  Going to work is not a goal! It is an activity!  paying bills is not a purpose!  It is an activity!  providing for a family is not a mission!  It is an activity! 

Your goal is the what of your life.  The goal is not the place you begin.  It is the place you end up!  Your purpose is the why of your life–why you as an individual are moving toward the goal, the end.  Your mission is the how of your life.  Once you are clear about the what, the why and the how, you have the focus.  You have something to live for that moves you into, through and out of the activities of your life.

We were each born for some purpose.  Jesus was clear.  He was focused.  He mastered his mind and his life with focus.  He was kind enough to leave us instructions on how to do what he did.  He said, “Follow me!  For the things I have done, greater things that the Master teacher left you instructions.  you may not have realized he said do as I have done.  Stay focused!  Just for today, shift your attention from the activities of your daily life and discover your goal, your purpose, and your missin. 

Today I am devoted to following the footsteps of the Master teacher! (Inyanla Vanzant)