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Life’s disappointments always mean one of two things (and sometimes both), it isn’t our calling, or we are not faithful

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I heard this statement on the Steve Harvey Morning show this morning, “life’s disappointments always mean one of two things:  it isn’t our calling, or we are not faithful.” 

I took the time to ponder this statement.  What exactly does that mean?  Just another buzz statement.  After thinking about it and my own disappointments, I can see the factual and spiritual aspects of this statement. 

Often, when we do not receive what we want in life, for instance, a promotion, it’s because we were unfaithful to that position.  We did not do all that we could do to ensure that we were the best possible candidate.  We did not devote the time and energy to be the best possible person for that position.  This can also hold true with any other aspect in life, such as relationships, marriages, child rearing, saving money, to name only a few.  So often when we feel disappointed in how our life is going or how someone is treating us, it is largely due to our not putting faith, support, and endurance in what we claim to want so much.

Then there are those times, when we become disappointed because something does not happen the way we would prefer it to, and we’ve put all our faith, endurance, support, and hard work into it.   We ask God, “why did this happen to me?”   Why did I lose this job, this house, this marriage. We search for the answers, move from the circumstance and days go on.  Soon we often look back and realize that we are in a better place, have a more gratifying job, in a more fulfilling relationship, etc.  In these instances, we look back and thank God for bringing us through our distress and not leaving us where we thought we wanted to be.  In these cases, the situation was simply not our calling.

In life, we should practice to let His Will be Done.  If we learn to depend on God for guidance and lean not to our own understanding, it would make life so much simpler and less  stressful.   Usually, we know in our heart what God would want for us.  And, we know in our heart, what God would have us do.  In times of confusion, pray for God’s guidance  and strive not to lean on your own understanding. 

We need to practice to look at disappointments as perhaps not being our calling and take a hard look at whether we are really faithful in that which we want so very much.

There is a blessing in every lesson.  Peace, Light and Love to all of you.


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