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A Spiritual Riddle – The Most Demon-Like Spirit of All Times

Photo courtesy of daphid and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Some say I’m the most demonic-like spirit of all times;

I have been responsible for a many cacoethes crimes.

I’m the most wrathful spirit known to touch the hearts of men

If not put in check, I can cause all types of vengeful sin.

My rampant rage is likened to a storm weathered battered sea;

My face can become so distorted, you would not even recognize me.

I am red, blue hot; flaming fierier than hell in a forest fire;

I am truly not myself; and you know what?. . . the devil truly is a liar!

I am completely irrational; incoherrent, and out of control;

My emotional complexities reach down to the depths of the very soul;

Don’t come near me; don’t look at me, don’t dare say one word.

Because, I can only hear my own anger and my vision is blurred.

I’m sometimes tamed and charmed by sensual music; a little wine and dance;

But, If I were the object of my desire, I would not even take that chance.

My eyes are bloodshot red with a glimmer of green, and I tremble from inside;

There’s a thin line between love and hate; but it’s not love; perhaps hateful pride.

Whatever it is, take heed my love–for you have been forwarned!

Don’t touch me; Stay your distance; Run for cover, I am the spirit of . . . (Click below for the answer)

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I thought that being angry with you would take away the pain

I thought that lying in another’s arms would make me whole again

I thought that not saying I love you would vanish the love away

I found that through it all – I love you anyway

I found that acceptance was truly what I needed

Once I let go of of the anger and blame, my heart conceeded

I feel blessed that I have loved you beyond all limits

I feel blessed that I loved though pain, joy and destructive habits

I feel blessed that I have learned real love through all the drama

To realize unconditional love brings forth inner streangth; call it good karma

I’m feeling more of myself again since I let go the blame. . .

of me and you and all the entities wrapped in this game

Acceptance that our being one may cease to be

I realize this relationship simply may not be our destiny. . .

I’m blessed to know what real love is – I thought I did before

but loving you for who you are is tried and true and sure

Loving withought conditions through all eternity. . .

And the wind whispered softly, what ever will be . . . will be

And the wind swept back and added, don’t forget to love yourself

For without self there is no love; or nothing else. . .  

~Written By CordieB.