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Happy Golden Birthday to the Peace Sign! One World One Soul!


I read on MSN this morning that this week marks the 50th anniversary of the Peace Sign. The symbol was first used in a nuclear disarmament march in a March from London to Aldermaston, Britain.  Around 5000 marchers participated in that event.

The simplistic Peace Symbol that most anyone can scribble (it took me approximately 15 minutes to do it in Illustrator) is actually quite complex. Gerald Holtom, a commercial artist, suggested that the those marching to the atomic weapons research plant in Aldermastoncarry signs painted with a neat, tidy and powerful symbol. There is meaning to each of the lines and the circle of the symbol.  The meaning originate in the words nuclear disarmament – using the N and the D from those two words and a naval flag signaling system, Holtom created the Peace Symbol. 

The Peace Symbol has been used as a visual sign of solidarity in marches for anti-violence, anti-weaponry, civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights and movements to stop wars, among many other  peace initiatives and human rights issues. Those who marched and protested for peace were often the victims of violence. Some even lost their lives. 

So today – I’d like to say, Happy Golden Anniversary, Peace Sign!  I hope that there will come a time, when you can finally retire and rest and we shall not practice hatred and war no more. 

On that note, my friend SanityFound has initiated One World One Soul – for those of us who dream of a  better world but don’t know quite what to do.  It’s a place where we can ping back on each others ideas and actually help those in need.  Check out One World One Soul  for further information. 

Peace, Light and Love,