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Spiritual Riddle – It’s the little things…

speaking of joy by ~marielliott

speaking of joy by ~marielliott

I am the soft tickle of bubbles blown in the air
I am the wind gently billowing through each strand of your hair
I am the lucky discovery of a lone four-leaf clover
I am the ecstasy of the first kiss from a new-found lover
I am the the amazed eyes upon the first look…
Of newborn babe, straight from mommy’s nook

I am the amused, confused on a roller coaster ride
I am the quiet majestic of the ascending tide
I am sweet rain gently falling to the ground
I am the whispers of the leaves heard without  sound
I am that which comes so often; yet we don’t understand…
the blessed dawn, as sunlight blankets the land

I’m seen in the stars, shining ever so bright
I’m heard in the voices of lovers each night
I’m felt in the kiss of a rose on a nose…
and the sweet, sweet aroma of that fragrant rose

I am laughter on hindsight of not going berserk
I am a hug and fresh sheets after a long day’s work;
The sun peaking through the clouds after a pouring rain storm
The rainstorm after a drout of love transformed
I’m more valuable than all riches, and everything
I exist in the little things and what they bring

I am the sensation of a Popsicle on a hot summer’s day
I am the innocence of life and love in children’s play
I am an Angel, often found in the eyes of a girl or a boy
I am most mystical, not egotistical, yet so simplistical…
I am….. (click below for riddle answer) 🙂

The Spirit of Joy

–Yes.  I made up that word, “simplistical”  lol.  So, tell me, what brings You Joy???  I’d love to know.

Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

This Riddle was inspired by Simply Snicker’s Poetry Prompt. This weeks words:   Angel, Amazed, and Amused.

Quote for the Day:  It’s the little things…and the joy they bring ~India Arie


  enreal wrote @

This is so sweet… it brought me joy… as you often do. It is extremely fitting for you my dear Angel. Peace and Light to you

  paisley wrote @

well done cordie.. and as always you had me to the last.. hope your holiday weekend is grand and filled with the same peace light and love you always offer to me..

  cordieb wrote @

@Enreal. Thanks, Angel Enreal. Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend…and practice freedom each day, as you always do :). PLL, C.

@Paisley. Thanks, Paisley. Hope you enjoy freedom day!!! You certainly don’t need a holiday to celebrate liberation; as you are as free as a bird in your own sense 🙂 . Stay free, and refreshing!!! PLL, C.

  Nickers and Ink wrote @

“It’s the Little Things”

Love the ponderings here.

Hey, be sure to leave your link at Meme Express – Sunday invitation today. (Simply Snickers has a link.)

  cordieb wrote @

@Linda at Nickers and Ink. 🙂

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