Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Silent Secrets

Photo courtesy of WolfSoul and is licensed under a creative commons license.

Silent secrets of the heart
Break your spirit into parts
parts of love and parts of pain
searching for one’s self again . . .

Silent secrets speak no peace
Only vague uncertainties
Leaving traces in disguise
Of dormant truths that will arise

Silent secrets tell no lies
And it comes as no surprise
When the silence breaks the core
Heart and spirit fight no more

Silent secrets have no bearing
on what we call love or caring
for they only weigh the spirit
Weighted hearts hold no merit

Silent secrets can’t tell lies
They are revealed in the eyes
Of the soul who bears evidence
Of the secret’s consequence.

Silent secrets speak so loud
Though they leave a question cloud
As to whether they are really heard
Heart and Soul speak a foreign word

Silent secrets do tell lies
to the self in haunting cries
to release their awful woe
let them loose! freely flow!

Silent secrets released alas!
from the hidden looking glass;
spirit free; heart released a ton
heart and spirit now dance as one!


  paisley wrote @

i guess that is what it is like to finally feel whole again…

  cordieb wrote @

@Paisley. You know we are whole just the way we are. . . secrets or no secrets, spirit down or up. We are always whole! In remembering and accepting our wholeness…we experience life. Blessings, P.

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

This poem truly speaks to me!

  Molly wrote @

Love it. Keep it coming!

  neilina wrote @

Sometime I feel, silent secrets are my greatest strength, but deep down it seems that something is just piling-up and making me weak….are they silent secrets?

  cordieb wrote @

@Neilina. Silent secrets always wear us down, not only physically and emotionally, but they really lie heavy on our spirits. Blessings Neilna. P.S. Here is a site that I love where secrets can be be revealed completely anonymously. I think it’s great!!! http://secret.whypaisley.com/

Blessings, Neilna!!!!

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