Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.


This poem was prompted by Simply Snickers.  The words for this week were: damp, decide, and droll.

Indecision by *moonmomma

Indecision by *moonmomma


Indecisiveness takes its toll
On the drollness and lightness of our soul
Made up minds lift the dread filled weight
lingering heavily on our fate

Indecision stunts our growth
though deciding we may loath
one must move through inconclusive’s brace
holding mind, body and spirit stuck in place…

till decisions can be made
life continues, low-keyed; afraid
knowing in the back of mind
choices must be made in time

Preventing  souls from moving free
intensifying fears of what may or may not be
lest we move from fear to flight
we may never see the light

Though decisions may be wrong
lack of choice only prolongs
mending of spirit and self torn apart
when in dire doubt, follow your heart

Written by CordieB.


  gypsy-heart wrote @

Wonderful CordieB…you have such a gift with words!

I caught up on your posts, and I enjoyed everyone of them!

Thank you for sharing your heart.

L & L,


  Sorrow wrote @

Yes, I agree with Gypsy, you have woven the true flight and fight of Indecisiveness well, how we all recognize that inner battle.

  paisley wrote @

i definitely have always followed my heart,,, sometimes i am not all that pleased with where it has led me tho….

  mia wrote @

my life-long battle with procrastination.

  Molly wrote @

Really nice, Cordieb.

  tobeme wrote @

Excellent poem! We must decide. I have often found myself saying, make a decision, even if it is wrong! Love the image that you shared!

  G-Man wrote @

You write brilliantly every day I see….

  Simply Snickers wrote @

Thoughtful words!

Thanks for participating. Next week’s prompt is up!


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