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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Pride and Joy

This is my submission to  g-man and his weekly fab  friday flash 55

Photo courtesy of  Pink Sherbet Photography, shared under Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography, shared under Creative Commons

He was sinfully proud of her beauty

Her complexion and velvety touch brought him immense joy

On occasions he’d simply watch her with passion;

Delicately caressing her softness…

To keep her closer, he removed her from her essense.

Inevitiably, she withered away.

Thus, he lost not only his pride; but also his joy;

the Rose.


Written by CordieB.

Quote for the Day:  If you allow  pride to cause you to cut your rose from its root, you’re bound to lose not only your pride, but more sadly your joy.  ~CordieB.

Peace, Light and Love. . . .


  G-Man wrote @

Cordie….What a beautiful contribution.
Thank you so very much for sharing this gem with us all.
I sure hope you enjoy doing this, and that you find this fun and creative.
You are a very talented and classy lady.
Thank you so much for visiting The G-Man.
See you next week I hope.
Have a Wonderful Week-End…Galen

  anthonynorth wrote @

Cleverly done, with a hint of the exotic.

  Dr. John wrote @

Great 55.
So many ways to look at it.
So much in 55 words.

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

This made me think about the book The Little Prince 🙂 and his Rose.

  paisley wrote @

excellent 55 cordie,, they are really fun to write aren’t they….

  psychscribe wrote @

Cordie this poem is so real and so true, and so painfully prevalent between lovers….

  cordieb wrote @

@Gman. Yep! I do enjoy this. I’ll be back in the game tomorrow! PLL, C.

@Anthonynorth. Exotica…ooh la la! PLL, C.

@Dr. John. Indeed. Such is life. PLL, C.

@BLW Nika. I’ll have to check that out! PLL, C.

@Paisley. Yes they are fun. Thanks for introducing me to the fun girl! PLL, C.

@Psychscribe. Sometimes it can be…we often start out feeling free, ending up feeling boxed. But such is love and life, eh? PLL, C.

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