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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Jump Back Juicy


Art – Tree of life,  By Keith Haring ,  1985

The following poem was written in response to Simply Snicker’s  poetry prompt.  This week’s (Through May 10th) prompt prompts us to use the words, Jeer , Jump and Just in our poems. 

Also, we are celebrating the life of American pop artist Keith Haring , who was born on May 4, 1958.  A sample of his wonderful art is shown above.   Also, visit his site.  He was a most wonderful artist.

In light of the light-hearted, yet meaningful and deeply spiritual,  nature of Keith Haring’s art. .. I thought I’d try a little light hearted poetry to accompany his work.  Of course a spiritual lesson is spinned in the words too–I think.  Anywho…

Jump Back Juicy

Jump back Juicy, have no fear

Just becuz they jab and jeer

can’t you see the time is near…

when yo eyes seez crystal clear

Jump back Juicy, dry those eyes

look into the bright blue skys

nature’s bout to make allies

of those boys who make you cry

Jump back Juicy; have no doubt

You’ze about to step on out

You’ze beginning now to sprout

Ain’t no need to worry bout

Nothin that those boys a saying

they just boys who likes a playing

pretty soon they be prayin

for the comfort of yo laying…

Jump back Juicy, let’s go play

it’s another pretty day

Picked you flowers round the way

What’s yo real name anyway…?

~Written by CordieB.

Quote for Today:   All things blossom in due time.  ~CordieB.

I have a feeling you are in the mist of blossoming right now~  Just you wait and see!

Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.


  whypaisley wrote @

are you sure your not a song writer posing as a blogger??? that was terrific i loved it.. it had a beat and everything!!!!!!

p,s, your blog looks phenomenal,,, i just keep forgetting to say so……

  anthonynorth wrote @

I agree with Paisley. I ended up singing this. Excellent.

  tobeme wrote @

Love it! Great job.

  Nadege wrote @

hey babe, I’m taking the words of this poem and running with it.

  cordieb wrote @

Nadege. I can see you running now – lol. Do allow yourself to blossom as fully as God allows. I feel in my heart you do! Blessings, Nadege!!!

  cordieb wrote @

Tobeme. Thanks tobeme. I’m delighted you liked this one! Blessings, C.

  cordieb wrote @

Anthonynorth. Jump back, Juicy….la la la….Thanks, Anthonynorth. I’m delighted you liked this one.

  Angie wrote @


Good job! Fun and inspirational!

May God bless and keep you,


  cordieb wrote @

Thanks Paisley…I’m delighted you liked this one. And thanks for the complement on the blog…it was a fun challenge. Blessings, C.

  cordieb wrote @

@Angie. Thanks Angie. I’m delighted you found the inspiration in this. I visited your site, and found it most inspiring–in such that you are able to spread God’s love despite your tragedies. May God bless and keep you too.

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