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Say You Wake Up in the Morning

Everybody Needs Love.  Courtesy of CordieB.

Art - Everybody Needs Love ~CordieB.

Say you wake up in the morning…

feeling so empty inside

I bet i got just what you’ve been looking for baby,

you need someone like me by your side…

i know you’ve been hurt before

but don’t be afraid to try love once more…

…cause without love by your side,

you’re only half alive,

because everybody needs love… everybody needs love…

Now I really don’t know who wrote those lyrics, but, ain’t that all we all really need for true happiness; but we do so many things to avoid being hurt. Aren’t we all afraid to try love once more. But, when I think about it, life is really about love. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we might began to truly live.

Allow love to saturate your being today, people. Don’t be afraid. You really don’t know what tomorrow brings…and yesterday is dead and gone. Cast aside all anger, resentment, heartaches, and fears. Living a moment in love is well worth the risk of tomorrow or the pain of the past; and actually the most happiest way I can really imagine ever living. Live for the love you have today. Don’t let anyone or anything deny you of your right to love. Don’t let time, people, or circumstance steal your joy!!! Give and accept love to the fullest of your very being starting this moment and every moment hereafter!!!!

Don’t wake up another morning, feeling so empty inside; especially when you truly have a choice. Just do it!!! Live your passion!!!

Peace, Light and Love, CordieB


  fibi wrote @

I know that emptiness so well.. I was in danger of closing my heart completely due to the overwhelming heartbreak I experienced.. But, life has a wonderful way of showing you that love is everywhere.. You only have to be open to it..

Beautiful post..

  Dan wrote @

Thanks Cordie…no better way to start a day than with a simple truth that should provide hope to all!!

  tobeme wrote @

You are so right! Our journey is all about love and it is our choice to allow love in and to allow love to flow from and through us!

  paisley wrote @

keep telling me sister,,, sooner or later it is bound to sink in!!!!!!!

  psychscribe wrote @

Well Cordie, we certainly are on the same screen here, as I just read your response to my post on love 🙂 First, did you create that digital art on this post??? Awesome!!!

Your post is beautiful. Fear of love is so paralyzing and deadening. I love your last lines. “Just do it! Live your passion!” To me, living your passion is what makes life worth living.

  cordieb wrote @

@Fibi. I know the feeling. Darkness is absense of light. And light comes from many, many sources. It’s a good thing those sources can filter in, whether we’re closed or not, if it’s the right light. I’m so glad you didn’t close your heart completely. Love is everywhere; and had you have closed your heart, I may not have gained such a wonderful, enlightening, illuminating blog friend. PLL, C.

@Dan. Thanks friend! I’m delighted to have started your day with love!!!

@Tobeme. Our journey is indeed about love. We must not forget that!

@Paisley. Oh, it will sink in – . Just open your blinds up a little to allow some sunshine to filter into your heart, Pais….. I know you’ll feel the warmth and the loving energy. . . and you’ll absolutely LOVE it. PLL, Sis. C.

@Psychoscribe. Yes, fear of love is so paralyzing and deadening. It’s so sad that so many of us fear love to this degree. Sometimes it’s hard to allow love into our hearts; but it’s well worth the journey once we do. Oh, yes, the art is a cordieb original. I’m delighted you like it. Check out my deviant art link at the top of the next column when you get some free time. PLL, as always, C.

  Nadege wrote @

ok – the love challenge has been accepted – started now 11:32,
beginning with loving God for this awesome day the breeze and
the gorgeous sky — love to you cordie…

  cordieb wrote @

@Nadege. Tis a beautiful day that God made for us. Love of God inspires all love. Thanks for accepting the challenge.

Love, C.

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