Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

I Can Spread Like Wild Fires… Another Spiritual Riddle ~Written By CordieB


I can spread like wild fires

From one to another

I’m highly contagious

Among family, sisters and brothers

I spread oblivious, at times paralyzing dread

Among unwitting lovers

Many fall so easily for me

Instead of falling for love

Leaving their souls in disharmony

minds and bodies devoid of

natural defenses; protection thereof

If one soul is infected

I can spread to the mass

I have no preference or penchant

to any race, creed or class

I multiply and mutate

With a mere, whispered suggestion

I frequently blow up to pandemonium..

becoming wide-spread infection

I can began as a simple idea

Quickly manifesting into reality

a mere negative thought passed on

is how I’m always first conceived

Deceptive; I am never what I appear

I am the root of all evil,

I am the spirit of fear…

Written by CordieB.


Fellow blogger, phaelosopher, so clearly reminds us in his recent artlce, “A Matter of Choice, The Power of Fear or Love on Swine Flu .. that…

Love lifts the spirits, and with the lifting of the spirit comes an increase in life force energy within our entire being. These are not simply flowery woo woo proclamations.

Placing ourselves in a loving attitude has a calming, harmonizing effect on our cell physiology. It also increases circulation and has a structuring effect on the water that flows within the body, and the organizing effect on the energy field that flows around, and extends beyond it. This produces and enhances a field around us that ultimately influences what happens to us — what we actually experience — from one moment to the next.  More…


  fibi wrote @

Oh Cordie, this is brilliant.. Love it..

It’s amazing how insidious fear is.. How it can creep up upon you and hold you in place – paralysing you..

  enreal wrote @

Wow Cordie!! This is brilliant. not only a powerful reminder but an important message… may your wings continue to guide you to your power… I am so blessed to know you!

  enreal wrote @

And I so love the picture!

  cordieb wrote @

@Fibi. Fear can indeed make us paralized. And it always makes us make the worst decisions! I’m striving to look at the love in all I fear to overcome my fears. . . it’s hard though after living a lifetime of being taught to fear most of life. . . but still I strive. Blessings. Have a super weekend. Mwah!!!

@Enreal. Wow! I’ve earned some wings! I hear the bell ringing now! Love ya sis! Thanks for the smile. I believe I can fly…at least in my own way! Peace, Light and Love. . . C.

  tobeme wrote @

Yes, fear, it can spread with wild abandon if we permit it. This is not a time for fear, this is a time to be and to truly understand what is taking place. Fear takes a toll on immune system and leaves us open to that which we fear.

  paisley wrote @

and as a society that has fixated ourselves on the media that preach fear at every opportunity we fall for the same story, new name game all the time….

excellent piece of writing.

  cordieb wrote @

@ Paisley. It’s so sad how fear can control a whole nation, let alone a whole world.


  cordieb wrote @

@Tobeme. Perhaps some spiritual genious can come up with an antibiotic for fear. Blessings. . . C.

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