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The Road Leading to Corinth ~By CordieB

~Kama111 on deviant ART

I felt I needed to repost this today; as my ego has a way of creeping in ever so cleverly. . . thus I must step back and abandon the road to Corinth. . . And. . . Tobeme so humbly reminded me, as he often does, in his last two posts how we must stay abreast; stay awake.  Awaken our spirits.   Allow not our vessels to become too full.  Let the source,  love,  prevail!!


Her eyes reflected somber desires

of souls who craved the flame and fires

in life’s existence day and night

grasping what they thought she possessed; the light . . .

she knew the light was truly not her’s to give . . .

but preserved within each soul who lived and gived

though some were blinded by the insistent need to be

warmed by the light for which they boldly seeked

she knew the answers to their plight;

resigned in one’s self through love’s insight

but the answer seemed too simplistic

to be embraced as true or realistic

She knew she had a simple, precious gift . . .

Thus often, foolishly, she tried to lift . . .

the spirits of seemingly lightless souls

in vain she tried to make them whole . . .

not realizing with each vain attempt

the light reflected pure contempt;

the egos of fogged lights’ reflections

so often produced pain and rejection

thus the light that once shined clarity

in time became the object of jealousy and envy

the plight for light often dulled her beam

she’d loose insight of her own dream

since what she tried to give away

could not be gifted anyway . . .

for each soul must find their own way . . .

in time she began to realize . . .

her light so often hypnotized . . .

but all illusions are revealed

once realized; they have no zeal . . .

for truth is reflected from light within;

only when truths emerge can love begin . . .

So with raw emotions and quiet strength . . .

she abandoned the road leading to Corinth

~Written by CordieB