Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Set Your Mind Free!!!

Do You Believe in Change? Courtesty of Carf
Do You Believe in Change? Courtesty of Children at Risk Foundation (Carf) Carf’s mission is to provide resources and support to save street children in areas where mass populations of children are left to fend for themselves. Click on the Photo for more information.

Set Your Mind Free! 

I looked to the heavens, and what did I see….

The wonders of eternity, looking back up at me . . .

I looked to the skies and what did I see…

The vastness of infinity, empowering me

I gazed at the stars…and what did I see…

The miracle of creation shining back up at me…

I smiled at the man in the moon…and what did I see…

A sphere in perfect suspension, smiling right back at me…

Sometimes, the unknown abyss manifests possibilities

Familiarization, though comforting, often restricts creativities

Fear not the unknown, as she beckons your mind…

To explore her vast mystery…escape the confines

That limit your vision…and retard ability…

to remove mental shackles. Set your mind free!!!

Written Especially for You!!!  By CordieB.



  Nadege wrote @

hey cordie – super inspiriational poem…
at just the right time for me — pretty.

  benafia wrote @


To say yes to Life, The Cosmos, God, seems a good thing when it includes All.

Free to be Yes.

  tobeme wrote @

Beautifully written and full of wisdom! Thank-you for sharing your gifts.

  paisley wrote @

you are always so empowering,, so full of life and happiness when you write.

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Look into the dark abyss and be not afraid, or rather, walk on and explore in the face of that fear!!!

Your words are so moving for me; thank you for this today! Hugs! V.

  cordieb wrote @

@Nadege. I’m delighted this was timely for you. Thanks for the inspiration. Thank you for you presense. Peace, Light and Love. . C.

@Benefia. Yes!!! Peace, Light and Love. . C.

@Tobeme. Thanks for your continued inspiration, Tobeme. I’m really trying to be me, seems here lately. Writing these poems seem to keep me grounded.

@Paisley. Oh, I’m so happy you visited today. I’ve missed you sis! PLL, C.

@Vanessa. Hugs back at cha, Sis. Luv ya! Mwah!

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