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Stillness ~Written By CordieB

This is a repost. . . I feel in my heart it may help someone tonight…Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

Hello beautiful people.  First, I would like to say thank you for your conforting and wise words.  Second, I do plan to give responses to all who have voiced their love on my blog lately.  Currently, I do not have home internet connection, so I’m limited on the time I have to respond or get around to visiting everyone’s blogs.  Also, I’m taking this time to simply be still . . . . 

Stillness ~By CordieB.

When we are down in the Valley of darkness and confusion
And life appears to be an endless delusion
This is the time, when we must stop, drop and be still
Listen for the answers; release all self will

When we are down in the Valley of calamity
And troubles roll in like a raging sea
These are the times we must quiet our voices and actions
Await patiently for the answers, avoid any reactions

When we are down in the Valley and our hearts seem to bleed
And our emotions are in turmoil; lay still and take heed
to the answers that come, with the stillness of life
Listen for wisdom of truth; avoid stress and strife

The answers won’t come when we’re searching too hard;
they are never revealed when our heart is onguard
It’s only when our mind is clear from all tumultuous sources
That we hear the sweet revolution of truth whispered in silent voices

We must gaze into the cracked mirror to see what we create
We must probe our inner thoughts; because thoughts bring forth fate
We must search our desires; we must examine our fears
In stillness only will we discover the true cause of our tears

Still waters run deep; they allow us to see
the reflection of life looking back at the real me
Troubles waters only reflect an untruthful distortion
Turbulent waves only give forth a reflected contortion

Of the realness and allness that sent us into the valley
of darkness and confusion from unrealized reality
Of those things that God instructs from the difficult lessons
in humility that yields wisdom that blossoms into our blessings

By CordieB.

What Is, Is. ~Written by CordieB

In life, pain is inevitable, the suffering is optional... by tapperboy
In life, pain is inevitable, the suffering is optional… by tapperboy

What Is, Is.

The nature of my blog tags often draws individuals who are spiritual, deep, and quite inspiring; but on that same token, it also draws many individuals who are searching, depressed, and looking for light in the depths of their perceived darkness.  I’m emphathetic to all of these emotions, as I too have experienced most of the feelings I often see on many of my fellow blogger’s pages and comments. 

Often, I see personality traits that lean toward the inspiring, enlightened, and enthusiastic about all of life. The sky could be very well be falling, yet these individuals will see the positive in such.

But there are often times where I see personalities that lean towards the darkness, the depression, the truely pessimistic approach towards most of life’s issues.  I often want to simply hold these individuals up and let them know that all will truely be ok.  I sometimes do not understand why it is that they do not see that this too shall pass.  .  .

But, in the interim, I am reminded, that we are all individuals with different experiences, and our experiences form many of our perceptions. 

And so, for today . . . I will simply deal with the present moment.  Because, what is is.  How I deal with the What Is is a reflection of how I feel about my self at this very moment.  There are times when I choose to look for the possibilities…it is where dreams are manifested…but it is also where nightmares are manifested…depending on my frame of mind at the time.

I often wonder what it is about us that determines what we lean more toward.  There are truely those who relish the darker side of life.  The darkness, depression, and sadness, gives them a certain melancholy of life noir that makes life more interesting for them.  Then, there are those who truely relish the light.  These are the optimist…those who see the rainbow after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel–all the time.

But in reality, life is filled with ups and downs. We will have our good moments and our not so good moments.  But as human beings, I feel we must strive to endure with a sense of love for life…no matter the circumstances.   Our love for life must reflect love for all life. . . so that life will continue for all.  You see, what is, is.  But if we look around us and take in more of the other is’s other than what is in our own mind, we might begin to see What Is  in a different light.

Look at nature today, nature Is.  Feel the warmth of the sun today, the sun Is.  Gaze at the stars tonight, the stars Are. Watch the moon tonight, the moon Is.  Examine individuals walking, talking, whispering. . . come out side of self for a moment today to truely experience What Is. Experience the allness of allness.  Experience life as if you were God overseeing all creation. . . listen to the small sounds of the small animals. Look at the blade of grass sway in the wind. Take a closer look at what really Is. . . it may give you a perspective about life you never really gave thought to before.  You may come to the realization that life Is. . . . forever changing!

“The only thing constant in life is change"  ~François de la Rochefoucauld


“…A mind not to be changed by place or time.  The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”  ~John Milton

 ~Peace, Light and Love. . . . CordieB.