Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

I am the sum of your thoughts – Another Spiritual Riddle. . . By CordieB

Photo courtesy of  Photoƒreaks, click on Photo to Play a Fun Game!!!
Photo courtesy of Photoƒreaks, click on Photo to Play a Fun Game!!!
I sometimes swing like a pendulum…

At times, ecstatic; other times…humdrum

My host feels best when I’m somewhat stable

As, I’m a strong factor on whether she’s able …

to motion herself to move from her current state

of life… which shall determine her fate…

or whether he’s able to spawn the passion

to inseminate life; but more importantly, compassion,

by nurturing with love to aide life’s blossom…

Sometimes I’m tempered like a gentle lake

who in her bounty, life partakes…

yet at times, I’m akin to the roughest sea

whom without his majesty, life would cease to be…

I’m a scale of what many gauge from bad to good

I am the sum of your thoughts; I am …

(Click below for riddle answer. . . I know everyone is going to get this one correct!!! lol

Your Mood

~Written by CordieB.

Have you ever been in a crappy mood, but can’t quiet put your finger on why?  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  The mood swings go from feeling joyous to feeling sad or even angry in a matter of hours.  If anyone has any solutions for this temperment, please let me know.  I’m starting to get on my own damn nerves!!!!

Love, C.


  tobeme wrote @

Very well done. My mood is very stable, very rarely do I get in a funk and when I do it does not last very long at all. Mood to me is a matter of perspective, for many it is more than pespective and can be a function of chemical reactions within the body. I think the key is awareness and understanding what are the factors that contribute to being in a funk. Hope that you can turn inward and find your joy.

  Rachel wrote @

I think it is just perfectly normal to have various moods, you are in touch with all that is around you both good and bad. Can you imagine never crying, never laughing, never feeling. Though if you find it to be a problem I find exercise to be a cure all for the mind. I love running and I feel free in the wind and though my mind does not stop thinking, I am more able to control my emotions. You are just a joy to know, be well and know that tears in them self tell stories. Life is not a fairytale and only those who do not live your life can imagine your response to your own experiences.

  cordieb wrote @

@tobeme. I seldom find myself getting into this “funk” but it seems lately I have more so than ever. I know that this too shall pass. . . it’s just a matter of grasping the lesson whilst it passes, if you know what I mean. There is a very valuable lesson for me in this, and that is why the mood swings continue ..perhaps I must sit still and await the lesson. In time it shall be revealed. I’m gratefully delighted that your writings help me through my lessons! Thank you for sharing so often!

Rachael. . . I will try exercising. I’m sure that jogging or walking will make me feel better. However, I’ve found that reading your beautiful words of inspiration, beauty, and above else love helps me most tremendously! BTW, you are a joy too!

to both of you I must give a big Mwah!!!

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