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Seems now you don’t find me as delightful as your mind imagined – A Spiritual Riddle

Photo Courtesy of Dario*s and is shared under a Creative Commons License
Photo Courtesy of Dario*’s and is shared under a Creative Commons License


The following riddle was inspired by a dear friend and fellow blogger, Jodie who pens as Paisley , in her recent writing, entitled Life Shrinks and by fellow blogger and a man with much wisom, Mark (To Be Me), over at The Naked Soul  in his recent article entitled, Take a Look at the Means to the End .  Thanks for the inspiration friends!!!!

Come in, my love! Step into my parlor…

 Allow me to paint you in technicolor…

My parlor is elegantly furnished in splendor fashion;

Whereas, I can transcend your deepest, passionate, passion

I will tantalize and dance with you throughout the night

All else will be placed on the back burner in my light

All goals will be reorganized for my sake

I may cause, love, happiness, jealousy, frustration, even heartbreak!

Most times until you capture me; or I you….

I will grow, I will infuse, I will magnify and brew

Yet sometimes as much as you crave my hot embrace

I simply dissipate from your thoughts–leave abruptly without a trace

And you shant even miss my crimson face…

It’s a funny thing that once I’m captured–once we converge

I’m reincarnated into another whimsical, soul stirring urge

Seems now you don’t find me as delightful as your mind imagined

Yet I’m still the same, wanting spirit that once pumped your adrenaline

As cold as Ice, as Hot as Fire……

(Guess who I am – click below)

I am the transcending spirit named Desire – Written by CordieB

But wait!  I hear in the distance sweet desire calling me back with all her power. . . she’ s revealing to me her true identity…

Who is this spirit named Desire
That heats our soul like burning fire?

Her sisters are Passion and Inspire!

I’m told her brother’s name is Hope;

And with these three we learn to cope

When we feel we’ve reached the end of our rope.

What is this Spirit– deep and purple, red

That quinches our thirst; our souls be fed

That in her vanquish; leaves us cold and dead

I’ve heard she’s simply a trick of the mind

That dulls reality; keeps us blind

of life’s true meaning for which we can not find

Without a Desire to learn the secrets of all life-kind

 So I am certain that Desire is real

I can’t see her; but I know I feel

Her presense in my every being

When I’m loving life and all its zeal

Once she almost vanished from my soul

I felt so empty; I felt so cold

I barely had the Desire to live

But she did not falter; in she would not give

And so Desire, she faught for me!

To grasp onto my reality

To Desire life enough to endure the pain

To Desire to love and inspire again

To Desire to help my fellow man

To Desire to hear the Robin sing

To Desire to watch the children play

To Desire to see another day

To Desire to smell the lovely red rose

To Desire to play in the fallen snow

To Desire to feel the sun on my skin

To Desire to feel the breeze of gentle winds

To Desire to sing a beautiful melody

To Desire to write a poem or three

To Desire to watch the sun rise once more

From the sands of time on an open shore

To Desire to watch my lover sleep

To Desire to cry; To Desire to weep

To Desire to see the moon and stars

To Desire to one day see the the end of wars

Oh yes! Sweet Desire, she faught for me

And so I know she’s a reality

As long as my true Desire is not for death

She will lend herself unto me to take another breath

But one sweet day; I know not when or where

I will Desire to move from this life without a care

I will Desire to leave my body and move on free

I simply pray Spirit Desire will come along with me

Written by CordieB especially for the Angel, Enreal




  fibi wrote @

Wonderful.. I love the way you can weave your words into such thought provoking prose..

  Disturbed Stranger wrote @

AAAAAH that was soul nurturing!
Loved your previous post as well.

And I’m glad you related to my post… it’s good to know you’re not alone…

will come back for more.

Bless you

  Dan wrote @

The only word that presently comes to mind is, WOW! The riddle is poignent as always, but this addition is fantastic!

  starbozz wrote @

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comment.. Take care .. Cheers mate!

  tobeme wrote @

You are incredibly gifted! I love your writing and your play with words!
I am humbled to hear that in part my writing was a catalyst for this beautiful piece. Thank-you very much for the mention and link.

  Gee wrote @

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a gift for words. This is only one of the reasons why I Love this Woman. My Baby does it again, hard to do, but She has left me speechless. Keep it up Baby……again WOW!!!!!!

Your Gee.

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Hi Cordie: I have missed you, my friend. And have been away WAY too long…. this is one of my favorite riddles of all, and so true, and it cuts right to my soul with its truth.

You truly have a gift, girl!

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @


  cordieb wrote @

@Fibi. Thank you for your continued love and support! It inspires my expression!

@DisturbedStranger. Blessings to you too, my kindred spirit.

@Dan. Thank You Dan. You are too kind.

@Starbozz. Thanks mate!

@Tobeme. Thanks for your continued inspiration! You’re an inspiration but most importantly, a soul seeker. You aide us in finding our true selves so often. Remember that! Don’t ever be deterred.

@Gee. Thanks luv. Appreciate the encouragement and love you so often share with me! Luv ya back!

@Vanessa. Thanks hun. Hugs to you. Don’t be a stranger, now! My Ubuntu ambassador!

@RawDawg. Thanks brother! Appreciate the continued support and wow’ness!


  A Gambler wrote @

Well writen, really!

  gypsy-heart wrote @

You do have a gift CordieB…you are not only a writer of prose…but a sage story teller!

Good energies and peace of heart to you!

  Voli Dublino wrote @

Vеll, not perfеct роst, but I liked it and thаt is thе mаin thing. 😉
I am Voli Dublino

  Cheap Airline Tickets wrote @

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  cordieb wrote @

Gypsy Heart. . . Thanks Gyp….you are an inspiration to me…love you kindred spirit!!!!!

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