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I Don’t Think I like the Smell of That! I Learn Something New Everyday!

"When something doesn’t smell quite right, we must examine the source of the odor"  ~CordieB.

Gee :  "Did you hear that President Obama proposed 1.7 million dollars for swine odor research??"

Me :  "And???"

Gee :  "Now I know you support your president, but swine odor research…come on…"  "What about the old lady who has no health care benefits?" 

Me :  "Well, it may not be important to you, but I’m sure it’s very important to someone."

Gee :  "Even though we support your president, some things are simply ridiculous …, you’ve got to, at least , admit this is." 

(Notice the trigger words here, your ridiculous at least and admit …lol)

Me :    "No, I don’t find research in swine odor research no more ridiculous as environmental research."   "He’s a smart man, I’m sure he would not have proposed 1.7 million dollars for swine odor research, if it were not important and needed… yada…yada…yada…"  

(At this point, I don’t really believe what I’m saying…I ‘m just refusing to disagree with with "my" President (or myself)…especially after those trigger words…in fact, I know absolutely nothing, nada,  about what I’m adamently defending "my" president (and my views- although, uninformed) on – I’m actually now defending my own point just to be right)!!!

So, off I go on my internet tangent to find out more information about swine odor research.   Wow, it’s a real big issue and business for farmers and swine factories, and most importantly the communities within "smell" reach of these factories and farms.  How factories and farms cut down on swine odor is big, big business.  The President has decided to use 1.7 million, which is not a lot of money for research, to find  better, environmentally friendlier,  and cost effective ways to reduce swine odor.   

I learned that people actually work in the "nose" industry, and make good money as "smellers."   Of course, they cant’ be smokers or pregnant!    I gave myself a small course on:

Site Selection


Pig Diet Manipulation and Feed Additives

Feed Handling

Wow!  I learned so much on this subject today!  And, I’ve passed on a bit of it to you.  At least, perhaps I’ve tweaked your curiosity! 

Manure Storage Tanks and Basins (High-Load Systems)..i.e..

  • Following are examples of permeable covers and biocovers that still need research and/or further development.

    • A manufactured material in the form of self-dispersing granules or powder (German product, Pegulit) results in over 95% reductions in odor, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide emissions, according to laboratory tests. The product floats back to the surface after agitation. It is not yet available in the U.S.

    • Peat moss with wide variety of particle sizes and dried at 212 F for five hours is very effective (>99% odor reduction) at 8 inches thick. Peat moss costs $0.27 per square foot.

    • Leka rock is effective but very costly ($5.10 per cubic foot or $0.90 per square foot).

    • Some positive testimonials have been reported about using coconut fiber with peat moss added (a German system), tree bark, rice hulls with waste oil, and grass clippings with waste oil. However, scientific tests have not been conducted…..

My conclusion.  Many people may find this research wasteful.  But, I for one, like the smell of this!  I feel and act better in an environment which smells at least permitable.      The fact that people can live within smell distance of a swine factory is not natural.  Research and development is being used each day to assure that the smells are maintained at a comfortable level. 

Lesson for the Week:   There is something to learn from every disagreement in life.  This week, let us look for the lesson in all our disagreements.   We might find it interesting, or not – but anything learned is gained!   This week, let’s concentrate on doing a little research whenever we have disagreements, instead of sounding off just to be right!   I feel we might be surprized at what we might find out!  I was!  We might just change our own mind!  Either way, we won’t be disagreeing just to be right!

Remember, only a fool sounds off without knowledge of what they speak!!!!   Knowledge is Power!!!

Peace, Light, Love and Knowledge




  Dan wrote @

Cordie, out here in the sticks where I live now and in the area I grew up in this topic has stirred up a real ‘stink’ (ok poor pun intended). A couple of years ago a company wanted to build a very large facility near my parents home, of course all of the residents opposed it…I’m sure how things were settled but I do know the facility was built. Just curious did you run across an affected zone (sq. miles). We have a fairly small confinement probably ten miles or more from my home, but if the wind is right…there’s no guessing about it.

  Rachel wrote @

Thank you for visit and kind words. You have a lot to read on your blog will have to stop back and look it over.
Knowledge is power and I don’t know anything about swine odor, so I’ll reserve myself to commenting on another topic.

Happy blogging!

  cordieb wrote @

@Dan…due to research and development, new hones are built up wind, as opposed to down wind . . .if you get my drift. But for those who have a dwelling already downwind, research is being conducted to ensure the least amount of smell pollution possible. If you get my drift. . . pun intended. . .lol. In other words there is lots more to this subject than what’s blown in the wind. PLL, C.

@Rachael. . . Do come back. I’m sure you will have something to speak about soon. .. . actually the moral is to not speak without knowledge first. . . . so you are right on point my sister! PLL, C.

  San wrote @

You go sista! Knowledge is indeed power and those that just flippantly argue for the sake of getting a rise always, without fail, prove their own truth. Mirror mirror on the wall style!

  hiddenhollowsfarm wrote @

Easy way to stop the smell is to get rid of large factory farms. Even some dairy farms that are too large keep their manure liquid and that smells totally rancid when its time to spread the manure on the fields. These large corporate farms just are not sustainable, nor are they healthy for the animals or the people that live near them.

  cordieb wrote @

@San. Mirror, Mirror on the wall style. I love that comment. So truthful. Makes me look strait in the mirror! Blessings to you. Do visit again.

@Hidden Hollows Farm. Smells like a lot of bull to me, but oh, I forgot, we’re talking about pigs. Lol. Blessings to you dearest. I know what you mean about the factories. But, mass distribution is needed to feed the millions upon millions of pork eaters out there. Perhaps if we all need to become vegetarians. . . that would surely solve the issue. . . think so? Thanks for your most informative comment. And, again, blessings to you and yours. Do visit again.

  psychscribe wrote @

Well Cordie! This was a surprise post for you! Swine stink rather than the beauty of the soul- lol! Well, I learned a lot on this one in a different kind of way.

  Johnny Peepers wrote @

“There is something to learn from every disagreement in life.”

Great words of advice Cordie. The dogmatic insistence that every belief the ego holds dear as the only correct position is the genesis of much hatred, bloodshed, and the elitist dismissal of other human be-ings who have something worthwhile to offer. As method to spark open mindedness, I try to adopt beliefs that are contrary to ones I absorbed through the years. When we truly listen empathetically to what others are trying to tell us, we learn much more about ourselves.

  Molly wrote @

Love your blog. Keep it up!

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